Tuesday, July 08, 2008

This is a repeat post from April 2006. Someone had sent me some funny record covers in an email and I posted my favorites. I saw these the other day and laughed again, just like I did the first time. Enjoy...

Bless. How does one respond to that question?

Well, hello, Joyce.

The subtitle of this record should be "Fiddy Cent, the Pre-quel." (notice the green sticker)

OK...scare me. Butch...put the axe DOWN!

Can you imagine the conversation around the marketing table when they were working on this album cover?

Don't miss this toe-tapping, hand-clapping, upbeat record.

My personal favorite. Could they not find a better name? I mean, honestly.

The day after I posted those, Amy Westerman sent this to me as a joke. This is how I feel on the inside just about 97% of the time. :)

Recording was long last night. We recorded...and then RE-RECORDED an entire song because I didn't like a change we had made rhythmically. It was completely my fault...and we did it enough throughout the song that it required basically a re-do.

Tonight we're back in the studio. Pray for us!


Anonymous said...

funny thing is, the louvin brothers are nashville legends. had no idea they were also ardent satan literalsists.

Suzie said...

These just crack me up. Thanks for the repost.
I'm also looking forward to the next CD. I work with kids and have taught them "You Never Let Go" and "Everlasting God" from Overflow. You should hear them sing it. I can't wait to learn the new songs.

Amy said...

Bless! That's all I can say...bless!

Kent said...


Last year you gave us a couple samples of your recording to tide your die hard fans over until the release. Any plans to do that again this year?

annie said...

My laugh for the day---thanks!

Love Susie's comment that she taught the kids she works with "You Never Let Go" & "Everlasting God". I can just hear little kids singing, "OH NO" with gusto! Fun songs to sing.

Looking forward to N'ville Zoe. Appreciate all your hard work on behalf of all of us who enjoy listening & singing with you!

Anonymous said...

That Satan pic looks just like the one from Southpark. Scary. Yes, I watch Southpark... but only occasionally.