Friday, July 11, 2008

I am experimenting, thanks to Kevin, with putting video clips on the blog. This is a small clip from the Interstate Batteries show last month in Washington D.C.


Cindy Gravitt said...

Well, I am all about the video! :) I think it's great to see some the performances you all worked so hard on! Great job!

Brandon Scott said...

this is an example of one of our corporate gigs. I will try and post a clip from one of my cruise ship casts soon

Anonymous said...

I found a photo of you singing with Andy Kirby on the blog. Is this the same Andy Kirby who lived in the Dallas area in the mid and late 90s? He's an old pal and I'm trying to find him. If you could let me know if you think that's the same Andy Kirby, and if you have a phone number or email for him, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks and God bless.