Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy Birthday America AND Maddie!

Last night we ended up at Lipscomb University for the 4th of July Celebration. One of our buddies, Zach Wilson was singing there and we went to support him and watch the fireworks. It was a BLAST! We had a lot of friends there and the kids reunited with many of their Otter Creek buddies. The weather was perfect too!

Zach (on the left) is recording with us this year in Jason's place. Jason is too busy to record this summer and Zach stepped in. He's doing an awesome job!

Maddie and Daddy!

Darcy, Ella, Maddie and Sam

The kids all looked hilarious after eatng their "Rocket pops". Sam shows his blue hands.

I captured his of Kevin and Kiki. I love this picture!

Today is Maddie's 7th birthday. She had a home "Libby Lu" party. She had such a great time and Sheryl threw another great party.

The girls started upstairs in the play room. They had music blasting and were dancing. I thought at one point they would come through the ceiling.

The troops are ready downstairs with the pillow cases that Sheryl made for each girl with their first initial. This was one of the stations where they stuffed pillows.

No "Libby Lu" party is complete without the make-up. Here's the make-up table.

One of Maddie's favorite friends...Hannah Smith (friend at school and At Fellowship)

Maddie's birthday buddies

Inspired by "The Princess Diaries", Sheryl lined the staircase with mattresses and the kids all screamed and slid down.

The others waited at the bottom and cheered!

After make-up, pillows and sliding, the kids made bath salts and lotions.

Maddie and her life-long best buddy Sydney Williamson. (Maddie keeps reminding me that she's known her as long as she's been alive)

Maddie's birthday cake

Happy Birthday, dear Maddie!!

Sheryl did a great job planning everything today! Maddie and everyone had a blast. Thanks to Kevin, Kiki, Nikki, and my mom for all the help today.

After the party we packed up and went to see Kit Kittridge...American Girl. It was cute. I would recommend it to families...especially with girls.


Gary said...

Happy Birthday to dear Maddie! These pictures look like you guys had a blast. Sheryl is totally amazing at kids parties...she has a true gift! Love you guys!


Gary said...

Happy Birthday to dear Maddie! These pictures look like you guys had a blast. Sheryl is totally amazing at kids parties...she has a true gift! Love you guys!


simonsays said...

uh, we're on the same social calendar, it seems! We, too, went to the fireworks at Lipscomb on Friday night and we went to Kit Kittredge on Saturday!

We've GOT to get together!

(Maddie's party is the cutest one I think I have EVER seen!)


~Jodi~ said...

aww Happy birthday to Maddie she is so pretty! I can't believe how grown up your kids have gotten lately! you have such a beautiful family! Sheryl is wow totally amazing at the parties that she puts together!! i bet the kids had a ball and will be remember those memories for a very long time!

Tracye Dukes said...

Wow... I can hardly believe she's 7!!! She IS so beautiful :0) Looks like the Birthday party was an absolute hit!!! (Of course it was, if Sheryl had anything to do with it :0)

SG said...

Sheryl ROCKS! My goodness she knows how to throw a party! And Maddie is just so beautiful! You know she and Rhett should hit ACU at the same time... How fun! :)

Keith and Martha said...

How fun! Love the birthday pics and what an amazing job Sheryl did with everything! She is SO talented. Tell her I love her. And of course, love you too! Mama told me that she and daddy saw you guys. It was a blessing to them. Blessings!!! Martha

Amy said...

Your wife sure knows how to throw a party! Good thing she's the one with the girls... I'd be totally lost!! =D

Carrie, The Modern Housewife said...

Oh my! As an occasional blog-stalker, I'm glad I stopped by this week! I can't believe how awesome that party looks. Can I come to Maddie's party next year?