Sunday, July 20, 2008

"We're the class who's really great, senior class of 88!"

Yeah...apparently, our class chant wasn't the most creative...but it rhymes, right? I had an absolute blast this weekend at my High School reunion. I haven't seen a lot of those folks since our ten year and some since High School. I had so much fun laughing and catching up. I took a lot of pictures...imagine that!

On Friday night we all met at the hotel and mingled and visited for 7 straight hours...CRAZY!

Shawna Duff Hutcherson, me, Dusty Waldrop, Joni Humphrey Taylor and Shannon Hosch Lawrence

Michelle Balthrop Box and I were drum majors for 3 years together. She's a nut! Her laugh is exactly the same as it used to be.

Shawna (who was my singing partner all through school) and Kirsten were some of my best friends.

On Saturday afternoon I drove out to the house I grew up in. After my father died, my mom sold it in 99 or 2000. (It was so hard to see her leave that house.) I drove up in the drive way and the owner was outside so I got out and introduced myself. He said, "Oh, you're the guy who's feet and hand prints are in the cement in the backyard by the shed!" He took me back there and showed me...two small hand prints and feet prints with my name and a date (1977) in the cement. It almost made me cry! He was so kind. He showed me all around---even the barn where he had painted a big Texas flag on the side. He even invited me inside and allowed me to take pictures (which I am not posting here out of respect to him, but if any of you old friends are reading who remember our house, email me and I'll send some to you. It's crazy different!)

I shared some history with him that he never knew. I told him about the banisters and columns being from my great grandparent's house and that my grandfather had built our barn (which he said was very well constructed). It was quite a trip down memory lane. It honestly was one of my favorite parts of the weekend. Here are a couple of pictures of the house from front and back.

I also stopped in to see the Lorenz family. Ronnie and Darla were my parents' best friends since before I was born. I had a nice visit with them. I miss them a lot.

Saturday night was our reunion dinner out in Buffalo Gap at Perini's Ranch. It was a beautiful night and a lot of fun! It was such a blast to reconnect with old friends and hear about each person's journey and life. Some have fallen in love with Jesus since High School and it was especially cool to hear about their lives.

me, Jayme Baker, Shawna Duff Hutcherson, Shannon Crowe Zachary, Steve Denton

Terry Brooks Lovelace, me, Kirsten Bond Deiley, Dana Rogers Dunn

Mike and Heather Walvoord

Shannon Hosch Lawrence, Dana Rogers Dunn, Tracey Street Justice, Kirsten Bond Deiley

Eric Balthrop and me. Eric was a great friend in HS.

Mark and Tonya McClellen and me

Michelle Balthrop Box and I were looking at yearbooks and I think here I was saying, "Who in the world is that??" How can 20 years erase memory?

Cari Moore (wife of Matt Moore), Heather Walvord, me and Mike Walvoord. I loved seeing them!

As always, Shannon Hosch Lawrence, Shawna Duff Hutcherson, Shannon Crowe Zachary and I had to huddle and offer commentary on the entire weekend. I laughed until I almost wet my pants. Dusty Waldrop was a bundle of energy and everywhere at once. And Kirsten had to be rescued. Some things never change. And...I actually saw a man riding a horse down the side of South 1st downtown. Gotta love Abilene!

Another blessing in the weekend was having a nice long lunch with Mike Cope on Saturday. He's such a true brother and friend. I really don't know what Sheryl and I would do without him and his pastoral care and real honest friendship. It's so rare to find someone so willing to share their own failings who's also willing to walk through thick and thin with you. Mike has been that for me for more than 15 years. I love him!

Today I am flying home. West Texas is beautiful in its own way...but nothing like the rolling hills and lush landscape of Nashville. The beauty of Abilene is directly connected to the hearts and lives of those who live there. The people are what makes it so lovely. And that is alive and well!


Stephen Bailey said...

What a great trip! Nice to know kind people are living in the old house. Shawna (who BTW, is as beautiful as ever, how'd she do that?) is the only one of your high school friends I know, but it was great to see all the pics.
Also, perhaps no one mourns the wicked, but I'm mourning not getting to see Idina Menzel. Happy for you though...I guess:)

simonsays said...

I actually remember some of these people - and others look REALLY familiar!

The old house looks great - that part gave me chills! What a special time!

Did I tell you that our DLHS class didn't even HAVE our 20 year reunion??

Talk soon -


double said...

I knew Michelle Balthrop in the late 80's from Band Camp and was decided to look her up tonight. What FUN to find such an awesome pic. If you have a way, would you tell her that her old "sister" from camp says hi?