Thursday, July 10, 2008

Recording has been going well! We've done 9 songs now...

Mighty to Save
At the Cross
Sing, Sing, Sing
Beautiful Jesus
Majestic (Lincoln Brewster)
God of This City
O Church Arise
Stand and Shout

We are producing the l'Ete du Vin wine auction this week...check out their website. It's an incredible event and raises a lot of money for a very worth cause. It will be a long few days, but it's going to be a beautiful event!

Meanwhile, the JADE rehearsals are going well. The shows are coming along nicely and it's been great to meet the guest directors in from NYC. Patti Wilcox, a well-known choreographer, is here working with the cast this week. She's a delightful person. You can find out more about her here....

I am gearing up for the arrival of the new NCL Spirit cast who comes in this Monday. We'll begin with orientation and rehearsals on Tuesday. Its hard to believe it's already that time! Here we go!!

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