Thursday, July 31, 2008


This cast has been such a tremendous blessing for Claire and me to work with. They each bring SUCH energy and "spirit" to their work. They did a run-through of "On the Radio" last night and blew me away. I was so proud of them!

My singers are so talented and fun. They are very generous with each other and have an incredible working relationship. It's so great when a cast clicks with the right chemistry! Let me tell you a little bit about my singers...

Zoie Morris is from NYC. She was in Ragtime on Broadway and did the National Broadway tour of the Scarlet Pimpernel. she has numerous other regional theater and television credits (Law and Order and others). You should see her do Tina Turner. It is amazing!

Amy Bloom is brand new to ships but an extremely gifted vocalist. She's from Los Angeles and got a call last night to do a roll on Comedy Central but said she was glad to be here with us! We are too, Amy! What a gift! Her portrayal of Elphaba in "Wicked" is incredible..."Defying Gravity" blows me away!

Jeff Pettit is also a talented actor and singer. Ironically, I saw him in Big River several years ago playing the lead role of Huck Finn. He was fantastic. I remembered him when he came to audition for us and I am so glad he's in this cast. He is right at home as Link in "Hairspray"!

Graham McMurry recently got off a Celebrity ship...the Millineum. I heard him for the first time in rehearsals for that ship and loved his voice. He is a great addition to this cast. He's got a lot of soul for a white boy. :) He and Jeff both rock the songs from "Movin Out" (all Billy Joel songs.)

The dancers are all sharp and great performers. They are all hard workers too (singers and dancers). They are self motivated and extremely professional. Working with casts like this one make me realize how much I LOVE my job!

We are headed into our final few days of rehearsals. Tomorrow will be the final run-throughs for all the producers and office. We'll have our cast dinner tomorrow night and then leave early sunday morning for New York. You can feel the buzz of excitement from the cast. I can't wait to see them out there on stage for the first time!


annie said...

How fun to work with so many talented, hard-working people! I bet they enjoy working for you, too!

Looking forward to N'ville Zoe & the "Fearless" CD. Can't wait to hear what Randy wrote.

Jessica said...

Hello Brandon! I am trying to get in touch with Sheryl. Could you give me her email? I sang with her in Autumn. Thanks - Jessica (Pell) Tate

Brandon Scott said...

Hey! She was excited when I read her your comment! It is

Hope you're doing well! Come see us!

Merritt said...

Hi BST ~ Heading to NYC, eh? I know you'll prob be quite busy, but if you have a free moment, give us a shout. Baby Jane and I are free during the days and could easily run down to where you are to hug your neck and say hi.