Monday, July 14, 2008

Foncho Loves Hairspray

The Norwegian Cruise Line "Spirit" cast arrives today. Tomorrow we hi the ground running. I love these shows so it should be really fun. We've got an exceptional cast coming in.

Meanwhile, the cast out there right now is counting the days until they get a little break. Here's a clip from one of their shows called "On Broadway". This is a clip from "Hairspray".

In the news...I've mentioned some things about the funny things my kids say. They are constantly cracking me up. I may have mentioned that Sam made up a new word... "Foncho". Early on it was a derogatory term used to describe the girls when they made him mad. Now, like most words, it's taken on a life of its own. It is now a term of endearment as well...kind of like "Buddy". I have to admit that it's so catchy, I've adopted it myself. Come to find out, "Foncho" is the name of a hip hop Hispanic well as a city in Africa. Who knew?

Recently, while staying with a sitter, Ella was watching High School Musical. During "Get Your Head in the Game" she asked the sitter if she had seen "that boy with hair under his arms". The sitter nervously said yes and Ella continued, "My mommy has hair under her arms just like that boy--but maybe more than him." (Sheryl actually gave me permission to tell this!)

We are hopefully finishing up recording tonight and tomorrow. We're trying to get 4 more songs completed. Tonight we'll shoot for finishing:

*What Can I Do

*Revelation Song

It's Monday...4 more days til my High School reunion back in Texas. Anyone want to guess which number this one is? Who knows, maybe I'll make out my name tag as "Foncho".


Laura said...

Ella KILLS me. I miss that kid. Sorry we couldn't hang out at the pool yesterday. Maybe next time...

Wendy said...

reunion number 20 - it's mine too. we are officially old! tell sheryl hi and that i love her hair in armpits and all. :)