Tuesday, July 29, 2008


What brings you comfort? For me, there are certain people, songs, scriptures, even pillow cases that bring comfort. I had lunch with my mom today. That brought comfort. Spending time with Mike Cope last weekend--that brought comfort. Waking up early with my kids today, walking downstairs holding hands and then piling on the couch where they literally all nestled on top of me...that brought comfort. Sheryl's kindness and tender touch bring comfort. She is a gift. "Supper Soup"... a beef and vegetable stew that my family has eaten for years...brings me comfort.

Sometimes comfort looks funny or even crazy. For instance, Sam found a pacifier that belongs to little Evy Tate Williamson. He has it hidden somewhere (we can never determine where). Every now and then when the girls are overwhelming or when he just needs a "smoke break"...he goes in the den and hides behind one of the chairs and takes a hit on the paci. He'll sit back there quietly and just suck away. Comfort.

Today the heads of entertainment at NCL are here watching some of the run-throughs. My cast is nervous but they will be GREAT! I will be out there cheering them on and smiling as big as I can. Hopefully, familiar support will bring comfort today.

Because I believe in God and in the mystery of all that encompasses Him. It fascinates me that the Holy Spirit is referred to as The Comforter. Comfort is really something that is hard to define because it's different for everyone. Isn't it cool that God knows each of us and what makes us tick and meets us right where we need Him?

Just out of curiosity...what brings you comfort?


Josh Graves said...

Being at home with Kara.
Good music.

Sarah said...

Sam's 'smoke break' cracks me up. I have one that did that.

Water -- wouldn't have thought of it until I saw Josh's, but it is so peaceful (which is hilarious considering how much water damage my homes have sustained in my years as a home-owner)
flannel PJ's
my parents' voices
my head on my husband's chest
my children in my arms

julie said...

oh wow! Now you have me crying! Comfort...
knowing how much my husband loves me
feeling God's presence...real and abundant in the everyday
the rocking chair on my front porch
joy in my children's faces and in their voices
my mother's table
my bed
the shower
worship...the best

Snapshot said...

Brandon, I'm going to highjack your blog a minute to share a prayer request that fits in with your post. I have a little 10 year old friend named Lily who is battling an unknown disease that is attacking her bone marrow. This was a shock to all of us. On Thursday she will be traveling to St. Jude's for a bone marrow biopsy that will give us more answers.

Today what gives me comfort is claiming the words of the Twila Paris song "God is in Control" for myself and for Lily. Just as the song says, "He has never let us down, why start to worry now...." That brings me comfort in a time when my heart aches for a little red headed girl who has many unanswered questions today.

Her name is Lily Malone. Please pray for her.

John Scott Fred said...

watching and listening to my girls sing when they don't know i'm watching...that brings me comfort...and joy. Love you Bro!

Josh Ross said...

-Seeing Kayci and Truitt when I walk into the home after work

-Working out

-Throwing the football

-Traveling with Kayci

-Chilling with you!

LeeAnn said...

Having Bailey, Hutton and Reagan all at home...that has been rare this summer!

I loved your note about Sam and the paci...Hutton (now 17) would sneak in his room, find his "bedtime only" paci and crawl under the crib for a drag! Love you guys.

Stephen Bailey said...

Sorry for the phone tag this week.
Great blog topic. Unfortunately, I seek too much comfort in food sometimes, so an exercise in considering other sources will be healthy for me.
James Taylor.
Relaxing with good friends.
Thanks to Stephanie, home is the most comfortable place I know.
Tucking my girls in at night.
Hopefully Hawaii. I'll let you know.

judy thomas said...

Thanks, Babe. It is comforting to know that I can still bring you comfort.

Comfort takes many forms for me:

a fireplace in the winter
sleeping under a warm quilt
the sound of rain on the roof
just the sight of my beautiful grandchildren
reading a good book
knowing I am loved by the Creator

Robin said...

I randomly check out a few people's blogs that I know...chris even keeps one but I have never commented on a post until this one....it just touched me.
All three of my boys snuggled up with me in bed.
Rainy mornings
Listening to praise music
A Sonic Route 44 vanilla diet coke
When my husband makes me laugh

Thanks Brandon!