Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Seriously...FOR THE LOVE!!!

So apparently, it's still not working. Not sure why.

As a peace offering...the first 15 people who comment asking for a clip will get it. Please specify which songs (no more than 3) and leave your email address.



Chris said...

Whoo hooo!!!! Looks like I'm the first one to ask for a clip!! I'd love to hear what you guys did with:

"Mighty To Save"
"At The Cross" (I'm a BIG Hillsong fan!)
"Revelation Song"
my email is: chrislindsey317@gmail.com. Miss you, bro. peace.

Anonymous said...

BST and everyone...

I was able to hear the clips by refreshing the link a few times, if it didn't come right on.


Andy Tallman said...

Sing Sing Sing
God of this City


Thanks bro

Josh said...

I'm interested in hearing:

"Revelation Song"
"Mighty to Save"

my e-mail is "josh_hunter_@msn.com"


julie said...

Brandon, I have fallen in love with Mighty to Save and have been singing it everywhere that I go...it is on continual replay in my head...please I would love to hear it....
or anything else or if you figure it out...all of them.
love you and am so excited about these songs,

Dana said...

Please send
Lord I give you my heart, Fearless,
and Mighty to save
My email address is nana702@sbcglobal.net

Thanks, Brandon!

Keith said...

How about if you're one of the first 10 to comment you just get the whole album for free? I say it's a good deal.

keith b.

Snapshot said...

Any of them! I have no doubt they will all be good!

Wendy said...

hey buddy!

i'm with keith but i'll settle for these:

mighty to save
what can i do
sing sing sing

you're the best!

much love,



Tim Corder said...

Hey Brandon...

I'd really like to hear Mighty to Save, Lord I Give You My Heart, and God of this City!



Drew Battistelli said...

I want a clip...

Revelation Song
Sing Sing Sing
God of this City

(all of them???- we want to hear all of them so bad)


~Jodi~ said...

well if i made it in time I would love to hear Revelation Song, Mighty to Save, Lord I Give You My Heart! wahooo :) i'm excited
i love your blog and hope i can see you guys someday when you are out here in Cali!
ps I'm finishing the Shack thanks for talking about it and getting me intrested in it... it's seriously wow.. yeah..
oh my email is freeinhisgrace@hotmail.com
Thanks brandon!

Sarah said...

I'll take whatever 3 you sent the person before me!


Pegc said...

I may have just made it in time. I would like to have Revelation Song, God of this City, and Mighty to Save.

Thanks. I will look forward to getting all of them, eventually.

Pegc said...

I forgot to give you my e-mail address because I do have a new one. It is:



Pegc said...

I was able to get all of them to play. Some of them would skip at first, but if given enough time, it would play.

So, if you want send someone else some clips, that would be fine for me. I can now hear them all! Thanks, Peg

kenny said...

maybe i'm one of the first 15 that actually are asking for the clips.

i would love to hear:

at the cross
mighty to save

my email addy is ki4wxd@gmail.com

Brandon Scott said...

By my count there are still 4 people who could get clips...Snapshot didn't leave an email, so if she does, that will leave 3 people. Let me know if anyone still wants one

Snapshot said...
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Zac said...

hey brandon i would love to hear what you guys did with
Stand and Shout
Sing Sing Sing

Thanks for the blessing you guys are to me through the Zoe Ministry.
My email is zacattack127@gmail.com
Hope and pray God continues to bless you guys as you finish strong
love ya man, Zac

Lisa McVey said...

Hi Brandon, I was able to listen to all clips. Everything sounds great. Can't wait to hear the entire CD. Hope you're doing well.