Sunday, October 05, 2008

ZOE Conference Weekend

The weekend was awesome! Thursday night we had some good friends from out of town over for chili. It turned out to be such a fun night. Josh and Kara Graves and Josh and Kayci Ross stayed and, along with my mom, we all watched the VP debate. It was such a great kick off to the weekend!

Kip Long, me, Josh Ross, and Stephen Bailey--great friends!

Two of my favorite people...Josh Graves and Josh Ross

Rich Smith came in from Texas as one of our resource speakers for worship leaders. Rich leads a great ministry called Levi Ministries. He and I have known each other since High School. Great guy!

Sally Gary was here presenting about her ministry called CenterPeace. Sally was my speech and drama coach in high school and is like a sister to me.

Kara Graves and my mom

Kayci and Josh Ross and their cool son, Truitt

Lindsey and Peter Wilson were here from Sonoma, California. It's always so great to sing with them and get to spend time with them.

Rich and Eric work the ZOE store

Philip Organ, Peter Wilson and Amy Westerman

ZOE leading worship for one of the sessions.

Teresa Newsome...she as such a gift of signing. She is beautiful to watch!

My ZOE family (L-R) Kevin Penna, Amy Westerman, Karin Hensley, me, Philip Organ, Sheryl, Melissa Kirby, Zach Wilson, David England, Peter Wilson

The conference was called "Fearless". It was such an encouragement. Jeff Walling, Mike Cope, and Randy Harris did a wonderful job speaking. Larry Mudd blew my mind with his dramatic portrayal of John and his writing of Revelation. Amazing! There were so many great many great friends...such incredible worship times!

We are all exhausted tonight, but feeling so full and thankful.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the blessing of your worship this weekend at Zoe. All of you have such a gift. Thanks again for your contribution to our wonderful weekend.

Josh Ross said...

It was all awesome! It was great being with you.

Mark Lowenstein said...

This year's Zoe was different from the last few years. Michelle and I love the diversity of this year's conference. We're amazed to see the man acting as Revelation John memorizing most of the book of Revelation! Amazing!! It shows Zoe put many hours of work and training preparing for hundreds of people from all points!

Thank you for allowing a Zoe family to come to life in 1997 (I believe). We're glad we're a part of the whole! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Brandon, I lost your email address in a computer crash!

Wish I could have been there this weekend. The kids are in LU's production of Joseph this weekend. Mike Fernandez from ACU is directing, and he has been great. Hope you can come!

Miss you,

Jenni said...

I so wish I could have been there this was the first in quite a few years that I've missed!

annie said...

Thanks for posting pics for those of us who couldn't come this year. Thought of y'all all weekend. And, Teresa is one I missed getting to see sign the most. I'm mesmerized by her!

Love my "Fearless" CD! Thanks again for all the time & loving care you put into it. Hope you know it's worth it for all of us who get to listen to & sing with it.

Paul and Pat said...

Great to see you again this weekend. As always, ZOE feeds our souls. Saturday afternoon's worship especially .... if only for a few brief moments .... truly ushered me into God's throne room ... WOW!! Thanks for all of your and everybody's time and hard work. It is REALLY a blessing !!

MichaelPolutta said...

Thanks for your part in a wonderful weekend.

I have a confession to make. When Larry was in character as John, his voice TOTALLY reminded me of John Cleese, when talking about the Killer Rabbit in "The Holy Grail". ("That's the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!") I couldn't get the connection out of my head, so the last session was a bit of a challenge for me.

Here is something I'm curious about - perhaps a blog topic... What is the process for deciding on the ZOE theme? Also, how/where do you find and select the songs for the album?

mike taylor said...

So many great moments this weekend! I am refreshed and retooled, yet again!

Brandon, thanks for sharing your time and talents this weekend along with the rest of the ZOE family. We were blessed to bring 18 from our worship ministry to the conference this year. I can only imagine how much inspiration was gained by them and what "greater things are yet to come" as a result of the way God continues to work in and through ZOE's ministry. Thanks for your continued effort!

Kara Graves said...

This weekend was wonderful,God was at work. We are so glad we had some time with you. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us, all the worship was so powerful.

Fajita said...

My favorite pic is the one where I am awkwardly positioned, partially blocking the stage. That is a good one.

Great to see you, Sheryl and the kids. Loved story time. can't get enough of Mr. X.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brandon,

Many thanks to all of the people involved in planning and leading the conference. This was my 4th in the last 5 years and, I think, the best so far. April and I left so full and we are still "Overflowing" (to borrow a term from a past conference. Blessings to the whole Zoe team!