Sunday, October 19, 2008

Baby Gracie's Shower

Today we celebrated at our house with Kiki and Kevin (our family) as they anxiously await Baby Gracie's arrival. It was a great day of laughs and love. Kim and Kevin got some great gifts and were surrounded by friends. One thing is sure...Gracie will be one loved little girl!

L-R Amy Westerman, Sheryl Thomas, Kim Penna, Laura Troup, Christy McInturff,
Becca Daniel

Friends gather in our living room to tell stories and speak words of blessing over the Pennas

Laura and Christy both spoke blessings over Baby Gracie

Meanwhile, Ella was ready to DIVE IN!

Kiki and Sam

Kevin a brother!

I love this picture of Sheryl!

These wonderful women gathered around Kim and Kevin to pray over them.

Kiki and Amy ("Rita") We love you, baby Gracie! Even though we have only seen you on an ultra sound, we already feel like you're ours! You will be loved by us for your entire life and we can't wait to wrap our arms around you! May God protect you until we see your sweet face.


Donny - MarketingTwin #2 said...

Love the blessing shower concept. I've been to several and have had one myself - love it! Don't know this couple or Gracie but I know they will be blessed.

Aggiema (Michelle) said...

Looks like it was a lovely shower. It was great to see my friend Chris Portell in the pictures. We miss them here in SA but know they are blessing you all in TN now!

Josh Ross said...

BST goes to baby showers!!! :)

Great pics, bro.