Thursday, October 09, 2008

Musician's Hall of Fame

We are all getting ready for Gary Musick's daughter's wedding this weekend. Mary Catherine is marrying a nice boy (I sound like a father) who happens to be a "rocker". Ben's band--American Bang--has gotten a lot of press. They are currently signed with Warner Bros.

Sheryl is doing the flowers for the wedding and so our house is a floral explosion. She is really so gifted! We love Gary and Ellen and all their kids so it's fun to be a part.

My role will be to announce the couple at the reception. The reception will be at the Musician's Hall of Fame, which is a really cool place! It's smaller and less overwhelming than the Country Music Hall of Fame down the street--but very "vibey" and fun. It's the perfect place for their reception!

We all recently went on a site visit and I snapped a few pictures (I know, hard to believe). The guests will enter through the main doors and then get to travel through the museum to get to the banquet facility in the back. It will be fun for everyone to see all the treasures!

Meanwhile...I am looking forward to seeing "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" at Lipscomb this Friday night. It's their first big Homecoming musical under the direction of their new Theater Dept chair, Mike Fernandez. Mike and I knew each other back in TX (we were even in shows together when I was in High School--crazy!!). He is a product of the ACU Theater program and taught there for several years before accepting this position. He will be a FANTASTIC addition to that program. Andrew Young (ACU '05) who has been living and performing in NYC is here to play the leading role of Joseph. He and I had a great lunch together today. Andrew will knock it waaaaaay out of the park!

As if that's not enough, I have a load-in Sunday afternoon for the IEBA showcase (International Entertainment Buyers Association). We're doing the set for them and providing a little entertainment. But it should be a fun few days with showcases from artists like Kenny Loggins, Diamond Rio, Chrystal Gale, and Joe Piscopo.

Have a great weekend, friends!


annie said...

Be sure & post pics of the wedding. :) I love wedding pics---even of people I don't know!

I also love JATATDC---Harding did it a few years back & it was one of their best musicals ever.

LeeAnn said...

Can I come live with ya'll for a few weeks and tag along on your events? Sounds like things are going happy for you.

Suzie said...

I saw "Joseph" tonight and thought they did a great job. I was there with 15 kids from Y.E.S., where I work, and the theater faculty and students came up and spoke to the kids and went out of their way to be welcoming. It was a great night.

Elizabeth S said...

Jay and Rob Griffith are in the play. Look for them! It's supposed to be great!!