Wednesday, October 08, 2008

You Never Stop Being a Parent

Today I sat on stage at a funeral as we said goodbye to Ashley Duncan who had just turned 40 years old. I didn't know Ashley that well but I am close with his family. His mom, Kay, was on staff with me at Otter Creek for many years. They had just lost another son right before I came to OC in a tragic car accident. Today it seemed almost impossible to believe that they were
there to say goodbye to another son/brother. However, the deep, DEEP strength of Mike and Kay was evident. Those waters run deep, friends.

Tommy Daniels preached the sermon. It was extremely poignant and very real. He shared some of his own struggles and related God's grace to this family in a way that seemed incredibly loving. I was deeply touched and blessed by having been there. I lead worship, but found it hard to get much of a sound out. The only time I felt like belting out was when we sang Rock of Ages. As I considered God's Word and his reminder that our tears are precious to I remembered His desire to be our shield and protector...the lifter of our heads, that song took on new meaning for me.

Please join me in praying for peace to rain down on Mike, Kay, Julie, Jonathan, and the rest of their family.

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LeeAnn said...

They are being prayed for. The pain comes rushing back when I read of a mom having to say goodbye to her always I am so ready for my reunion with Connor. May God continue to hold this family.