Thursday, October 16, 2008

Levity, Sunday walking up the 90 degree angled driveway to Gary's house my left ear clogged. We laughed about it being so high that our ears were clogging and we were getting nose bleeds. :) Well, it wouldn't un-clog. In fact, it continued to worsen until yesterday when I woke up without hearing in that ear. I was completely FREAKED OUT. I think most hearing people have had experiences on airplanes or when they're sick when their ears got clogged. I certainly have. But I have never--EVER-- lost complete hearing. I was a discombobulated mess yesterday. Crowd noise sounded like a high pitched feedback in my head. HORRIBLE! And, of course, I had a big business luncheon yesterday. I probably looked as uneasy as John McCain trying to listen to everyone. (sorry.)

Yesterday afternoon I went to the doctor. He couldn't figure it out either...shot me with steroids and gave me some medicine and said, basically, GOOD LUCK. I decided I would give it a try and see how I was today.

I woke up this morning with a tiny bit of improvement. It wasn't the giant step I was hoping for, but it was something. Please pray for me. As you can imagine, my anxiety level has been going off the charts. I need my hearing for what I do. No way around that. I am hoping this trend of improvement continues. If it's not markedly better by tonight, I will see an ENT. But, my blog family, I am asking...please pray for healing for my ear!

With all of this going on, the economy going crazy, getting some hard news from people close to us, and the Presidential warfare...I need some levity today. Please humor me. Here are some great new funny record covers I saw a couple of weeks ago on Matthew Paul Turner's blog and I about choked laughing. (I've added my own commentary)

In case you can't read that subtitle up there... "A Complete Exercise Program Featuring Today's Finest Christian Music"...FIRM Believer. Gotta love it.

I've posted this one before...only because it is so unbelievable. I am curious as to what song they might be singing on the cover... "Troublesome times are here..."?

Who knew Samantha Stevens was not only a witch, but also a ventriloquist/Christian singer?? Amen!

"The Master's Four" you think knowing one of them might be out keeps them on their toes? (the tall guy on the back row is Joe the Plumber)

I have no doubt that her abilities are truly miraculous...but she needs to fire her Executive Producer for this album cover.

This album cover has SO MANY terrifying things about it...where to begin? Mr. Bat? Really? I mean clowns are frightening enough but what clown names himself "Mr. Bat"...and then makes a record????? And this pose...what is he DOING? To me it looks like an evil singing clown coming to stab me. No thank you, Mr Bat.


Stephen Bailey said...

Will continue to pray. Glad you can still laugh in the midst of all this. I'm literally in tears looking at these album covers.

Sarah said...

Definitely praying. The rest of us need you to hear, too.

I am SO starting an exercise class at my church for "Firm Believers." THAT is hilarious. Yeah, Mr. Bat is REALLY creepy -- but I am far more disturbed by the relationship Beverly seems to have with Erick. Ew.

mike t. said...

Hope your hearing returns soon! Those album covers are haneously funny!

Anonymous said...

I've had that before and the ENT cleared it up. Last time I was scheduled to fly to Italy the next day and he was debating putting tubes in my ears or not. The not was his worry if I got an infection and was in Italy... so lots of high strength decongestants did the trick, but the plane ride was misery.

annie said...

I had the exact same thing in January, & went to the ENT after an excruciating plane ride from Colorado--he said I had the worst ear infection he had seen in an adult in a good long while. It was so unnerving to not hear all of a sudden! Even though I got lots better pretty fast after 2 rounds of antibiotics, I think I still don't hear out of that ear as well as before the infection. I'll pray for you to have complete healing.

Album cover hi-larious.

Donny - MarketingTwin #2 said...

BST - first off, praying for your ear. Kendra is dealing with something similar but not with the complete loss like you're experiencing. Keep us posted.

Ok, the song the two guys are singing in the pit of hell with Satan as a backup singer is "Raise My Ebeneezer" - finally figured out what that sound was about!

Loved the Samantha Stevens line... ooh - my nose is itching just thinking about it.

Ok, with Mr. Bat - thanks to you I'm going to sleep with my door locked tonight in my own home! I will probably triple-check under my bed before I go to sleep thinking about a hatchet being in his left hand and what a disturbing cover that is.

Thanks for the laughs though!!!

Deana Nall said...

I blogged about The Handless Organist a while back at

SG said...
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Charles Stovall said...

Great post. LOVE the albums. Sorry I couldn't make ZOE this year. Melissa said she'd bring me a CD :) May try to get up there at Christmas, but don't know.

We'll keep you in our prayers./

SG said...

PS I deleted that LONG comment cause... Well it was SO long and I'm not a doctor! :) Hope your 100% soon!