Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Here are some pictures from the International Entertainment Buyers Association showcase this week. We did scenic for them--stage and entry way. IEBA gathers artists, agents, and buyers from all over. The buyers are usually people who book large concert halls, conventions, State Fairs and theaters. They get a little taste of what each artist brings. There were artists ranging from Kenny Loggins to Crystal Gayle to Diamond Rio to Joe Piscopo.

I got to see and spend a little time with my old buddy, Jeff Gregg too, which was fun. Jeff was a groomsman in our wedding and is an agent at the Creative Artists Agency. He agents Keith Urban, Third Day, and others.

Here are some pictures of the stage and set.

This was the entry way into the ballroom...IEBA's slogan is highlighted on the marquis.

The stage area

The opening night there was an artist..and I can't remember his name...who won The Biggest Loser with his mom. (maybe last year?) He is a country writer and an aspiring artist. He did a great job.


Gary said...

The set looks really good! Glad you took some pictures. Did you get to see Kenny Loggins' show?


Luke said...

Let's catch up- email me at lukenorsworthy@gmail.com