Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Thank you, blog family, for praying for my ear weirdness. It was honestly terrifying to me. I have never EVER lost all hearing in either ear. It was such a scary few days. I thought a lot about some of my non-hearing friends like Mark. He is so full of joy. I just couldn't imagine how it would potentially change everything in my career.

Thankfully, today at the Vanderbilt ENT center, I got a glowing report on my ears and hearing. The trick, it turns out, was getting that steroid shot. The ENT told me that had my doctor not administered the steroid I could have had permanent damage. I am SO RELIEVED!

Anyway--thank you all for remembering me.


annie said...

Good news! I had been wondering. And, thanks for the tip about getting a steroid shot pretty quickly when & if that happens to a person.

The Baby Blessing shower pics are so sweet.

maryann said...

YAY! I know that was a scary experience!!
Met the wife of someone you work with today.......Keith Brogden is his name, I believe. Small world!!

Kay said...

So glad things are OK - please don't think I am a freak for being paranoid. Again, rather safe than sorry...


mike t. said...

Glad to "hear" about the good news!

Donny - MarketingTwin #2 said...

Great news my good friend.

Arlene Kasselman said...

I can not imagine how scary that must have been. What a blessing to find out you are fine!

Mark Lowenstein said...


Now you have a glimpse of what "deafness" is like. I can understand how scary it can be. It does change the life of the one who has heard all their life, upside-down!!

Funny! If I were to, all of a sudden, be "hearing", it'll drive me nuts!!! Too many variations of sounds coming into my brain and I'm unable to pinpoint what it is. It'll drive me plain crazy. ;)

Brandon, glad you're okay.. And thanks for thinking of me.

Since you're on steroids, take advantage of the gym hours! You'll get massive in no time! LOL!

Love ya, brother!!!