Saturday, October 25, 2008

Best Entertainment!

JADE- rehearsals of "And The World Goes 'Round"

NCL Spirit

NCL Spirit

NCL Spirit



NCL Majesty cast

NCL Spirit

This week, Cruise Critic named Norwegian Cruise Lines the "Best in Entertainment"! We are very excited about this! Here's to all of our performers out there on the Spirit, Majesty, Gem and Jade for bringing down the house! We are so proud of all of you!!! Wooo-hooooo!!!!

Last night, Maddie was invited to Sydney Williamson's birthday party...the opening night of "High School Musical 3" and dinner afterwards at a very popular pizza place, "Pie in the Sky". There was no way around not taking Ella to see it too...and Sam...and Nonnie. It was a MAD HOUSE! It was like Elvis was reappearing or something. Every seat in the large theater was packed. When the movie began, the entire place broke out into applause and screams. Wow. I actually loved the movie! I liked it a lot more than #2. The only disappointing number to me was the finale. It felt like the producers had sat around the table and said, "We need a song in this movie that actually says, 'High School Musical'". I thought it was a let-down after mostly great and fun songs throughout the movie.

Afterwards, we fought the millions of people waiting for the next showing and tried to make it outside. We went to "Pie in the Sky"...a place already packed out on Fridays...with 20 seven year olds. Sarah had everything perfectly planned...even giving every girl brown shirts with different colored monograms sewn on the front. This made it easier to keep up with everyone. But, I am telling you...they don't make nerve pills strong enough for that kind of gathering! :) HA! It was really a lot of fun.

We're all missing Sheryl, but doing really well here. Today we might venture out to the Pumpkin Festival in Franklin...has anyone been to it? Have a great weekend, blog family!


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Donny - MarketingTwin #2 said...

Sounds like ... uh ... alot of work!! HA Glad it was a fun time!

Anonymous said...

Brandon Thomas, what a great family picture! This is Trevor Bowman. I was in Texas last week visiting my mom and visited ACU chapel to show my kids around where Jennifer and I went to school. I ran into Sally Gary. She said she has kept in touch with you. I would love to hear from you. Trevor

Brandon Scott said...

Trevor, HEY!! How do I get in touch with you??