Sunday, October 12, 2008

Musick/ Brown Wedding

This weekend we celebrated the wedding of Mary Catherine Musick and Ben Brown. Mary Catherine is the daughter of our good friends Gary and Ellen. We love Mary Catherine and Ben!

Sheryl agreed to do the flowers for the wedding and did an A-MAZING job! Everything about this wedding was spectacular from start to finish! Gary and Ellen outdid themselves. It was well worth our house becoming a floral war zone last week...

Maddie pitched in to help clean a little!

Sheryl recruited Cory Davis to help. He did an awesome job!

The wedding ceremony was at Woodmont Christian Church--a very beautiful building. There were many cool moments in the Liza Musick singing and David Huntsinger's song written for Mary Catherine. The highlight to me was the processional. A pipe and drum corp (bagpipes and drums) marched in wearing kilts. As they processed down the aisle, one lone bagpipe played. Once they reached the front of the church, the pipe organ joined them and the rest of the bagpipes began playing. Once the back doors opened for Mary Catherine to walk in, the drums joined. It was one of the all-time most dramatic and amazing wedding processionals I have experienced!

The reception was at The Musicians Hall of Fame. It's such a cool venue anyway--but with added lighting and decor, it was incredible. The arrangement above was one of the best masterpieces of the evening! Cory created a real work of art.

These centerpieces were on the tables inside a carved out white pumpkin.

Mary Catherine

The doors to the museum opened and the guests were invited to tour the museum and ended up in the main reception hall. It was really beautiful!

These centerpieces were filled with small pumpkins, apples, and other fall things.

Outside on the back courtyard there was more seating and decor. The pic above is of a pumpkin topiary. Too cool!

Another of Sheryl's great ideas...pumpkins with Christmas lights inside. Thankfully, Gary and Liza agreed to carve these. I am eternally grateful!!!!! :)

more centerpieces

The wedding cake with Sheryl's topper. It was beautiful...and delicious!!

Our friend, Margo, who we have had make some of our kids' birthday cakes, did an awesome job on Ben's groom's cake! Perfect cake for rocker Ben!

Gary worked his magic on the reception hall...draped fabric and back lighting made it a very dramatic and beautiful space. Gary worked so hard on this wedding. He wanted it to be perfect for Mary Catherine...and it was!

MC and Ben cutting the groom's cake. Ben's band mates were there to celebrate with him. Their band is called American Bang and they are signed with Warner Bros. Records. They are very talented! Check out their website

They also can be seen on the ABC Family series "Greek". They are the band on the show who play for the fraternity functions. All the guys in the band are so nice!

The American Bang guys had the night off though. Mary Catherine's favorite singer is Gabe Dixon. Check him out at

He and his band played all night and he sang "Tiny Dancer" for Ben and MC's first dance. It was awesome!

Sheryl and me with Jeff and Denise.

Jeff and Denise are getting married next Spring. I am, performing their ceremony. Denise has been a performer for our company for a long time. Sheryl, Denise and I did a gig last winter where we performed songs from was so fun! Since then we've become great friends with them. Denise works in the office now and we cut up all the time. Jeff is a comedian and he travels doing ships and other dates. He's a great guy!


Some of the Gary Musick staff!

(L-R) Garris Wimmer, Jennifer Pippen, Denise Hoey, me, Mindy McLemore

Sheryl, Denise, Mindy, Gary Musick, Garris, me, Jennifer. Mindy's hand cracks me up in this picture! And, although Gary looks a little shell-shocked in this picture, he and Ellen were just filled with joy all night. It was so neat to see them glow as they celebrated with MC.

More of the Gabe Dixon incredible!

Liza (Gary's youngest daughter) and her friends were beside themselves over Gabe Dixon.

Ben and Mary Catherine's first dance

Ben and Mary Catherine BROWN.

After the wedding, we had a nice brunch at The Musick's house. The kids love visiting the Musicks!

This arrangement was still lookin good!

Ben and the girls

Mary Catherine and the girls.

Congratulations, guys!!! We love you both!

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I know who to call when I need some floral arrangements - wow!! Very cool. Looked like a cool setting and loved the lit up pumpkins!! Can't wait our interview on the 29th! Don't forget to spread the word...