Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Presidential Debate

(Picture from the Washington Times)

Our company is all over the news across the USA and world today...although you might not know it. For some reason people are more interested in John McCain and Barack Obama than the production company that's going to make Belmont look amazing. :)

Kudos to Bert and our tech guys for their hard work and for preparing the campus to look incredible tonight! (Notice the black shirt Jacob has on down below...GARY MUSICK!)

(picture from the Knoxville News Sentinel)

When you see the scenic work tonight on stage, on the huge banners that cover Belmont's campus, and the draping...give a little cheer for Gary Musick Productions!
Now...onto that debate!!!!


kenny said...

it was good to finally meet you this sunday. sorry we could not stay longer. i can only imagine what the weekend was like at 'fearless,' but we were there to visit with our daughter who is at lipscomb. dorothy and i were saying that it would be so cool if kristin could get a ticket to the debate. its cool that you guys are getting some free pub there in the papers! ;o)

Donny - MarketingTwin #2 said...

Oddly enough, the little of the debate I watched, I kept thinking "I wonder if Brandon had anything do with these decorations or arrangement"!!! HA It was fun to have a little behind-the-scenes knowledge of what your company's role was in these historic events. Kudos to the Gary Musick Company!!

Also, we are interviewing our Olympian today and announcing on that call our interview with you on the 29th at NOON so don't forget!! HA Check your email too. I know you haven't had alot of spare time lately so no big deal. Blessings (and get some rest!!)