Sunday, May 04, 2008


We had a great few days in Malibu! We did a session each day with Mike Cope which was such a great experience. I love hearing Mike speak. What an amazing teacher he is—and always, without fail, genuine. He has this amazing way of reminding everyone about the power of God’s love and grace—and that it’s accessible. In my opinion churches are in need of more men like Mike in leadership positions. I have been so blessed by our work together through the years.

We were in Smothers Theater and the fire marshal had to shut the doors each day because it was packed. It makes for an energy charged environment. There were even rows of chairs on each side of the stage. God really used Mike this week—as He so often does.

We also did a late night worship time two nights in Smothers. The last night we were joined by Jeff Walling who presented some of his material from our 2008 conference series, “Overflow”. We love working with Jeff too and it was great having him with us.

To all the blog readers I met this week—thank you for coming and for your encouragement! It was really fun to get to put a face with some of you who have commented. I really enjoyed meeting each of you! And it was great seeing old friends like Dan Jocoy, Kip Long, Hillary Rushford, Bruce Morgan, and others.

After being gone for the last week on the Infinity, it was especially good to be with my family. We really had a great time together. Even my mom braved the endless hills and stairs on the Pepperdine campus and came with us.

Each day after lunch the kids played in the fountain and on the climbing trees outside of the student center. My mom bought Sam a Pepperdine football and he loved playing with it! Here are some pictures of our down time.

Justin Mundie and Sam--Justin came and sang tenor with ZOE.
Ella sacked out during one of the afternoon classes...Uncle "Biggie" was a perfect pillow! He was also a perfect bass this week. It was so fun getting to sing with him!

Darcy and Sheryl sang soprano together and it was sun seeing old friends reunited! We loved having her with us!

Of course, we always enjoy our time with Peter and Lindsey! They are part of our family.

Friday the weather was warm and the wind died down and so we slipped off to the beach for an hour. It was a perfect day!

Kiki came out Wednesday night and spent the rest of the week with us.

Ella was fearless as always...running into the ocean fully clothed. For some reason she decided once she was drenched to do "sand angels" on the beach---so drenched and sand caked.

Bruce Morgan (Lindsey's dad) is such a special person to us. We missed Taylor (her mom) who was in Italy. Bruce is so sweet with our kids!

Lindsey and Sam. He definitely loves Lindsey.

Group picture--minus Justin who had to leave early. (L-R) Amy Westerman, Darcy Chapman, me, Sheryl, Lindsey Wilson, Peter Wilson, Kevin Penna, Zach Wilson

It was a great week! I am glad to be home. My Majesty cast has had a very difficult weekend. Please keep them in your prayers. I have a week here finishing up rehearsals with them and then we head to the ship Saturday (Bermuda!).

I am thankful for immediate family but also my Christian family. It was a tremendous blessing to be surrounded by so many passionate worshipers this week. It was a tremendous feeding time for all of us.


Jenni said...

Maddie looks tres chic in her shades on the beach!

Don't know if you've heard, but PRCC is on the hunt for a new worship minister....if you know of anyone who might be interested or that we specifically should contact, please let me know!!!

Josh Ross said...

Missed not seeing you. Maybe next year.
Are we still friends? :)

annie said...

It was fun to get to visit with you for those few minutes on the Pepperdine plaza, & tell you that I'm the one who has begged to hear y'all sing "Seasons of Love". Glad to hear you MIGHT consider putting it on a CD, but still hope to hear y'all do it in person at the Fall Zoe in N'ville. :)

THANK YOU, too, for so greatly enhancing our worship time at the lectures. You don't know how much it means to so many of us to hear you guys & sing better with you. I love Mike, Randy, Jeff, Chris & all the rest, but the singing is the best part because we ALL get to participate in that.

Stephen Bailey said...

Glad to hear you had such a good trip. Wish I could have been there. Love Sam's surfer shirt and seeing Darcy and Sheryl together. I'll remember the Majesty cast this week. Let me know how it goes.

Kyle said...


I enjoyed so much worshipping with The Zoe Group this week at Pepperdine! I wish you a lot of success in your new career with the production of cruise ship productions.

I have a couple of questions for you:
1. How hard is it to get Power Point Files with your group’s lyrics? Our small church has a CCLI, but our resources are limits. Do you have a resource?
2. Do you guys have any cds with emphasis on the various parts. i.e. alto, tenor? (training cds)
3. Finally, how would you recommend a small (44)church start a praise team? How do you get the “right folks” in without offending a person who thinks they are a good singer…when they’re not?

I appreciate your time.

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you, thank you Brandon and all of Zoe for helping us worship together at Pepperdine. We look forward to all of the lectureship each year and leave refreshed and renewed--but there is something about worshipping in song with all of you and then hearing the words from Mike that remain the highlight of my week! And a special thanks to Sheryl for blessing us with "Redeemer"--I never tire of that song and always receive it with tears of gratitude and joy.
Looking forward to Nashville again this fall. Kathy Stevens

Beaner said...

Is that a picture of Ella with Flat Ella??? If so, where else has Flat Ella been? (And if you're not familiar with the 'Flat Stanley' book, then these questions might seem absurd - sorry!)

Brandon Scott said...

YES!!! It's actually "Flat Sassy". We got it in the mail from our friends in Abilene. She has so far only been to Malibu...ha! ONLY!

flat Stanley rocks.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I were so very fulfilled spiritually at Pepperdine, with the Zoe performances being one of the highlights. Your wife's rendition of "Redeemer" was amazing. I do have a question: is it possible to get a DVD or CD of the session in which Jeff Walling came in and spoke during your last session? It was such a moving session... we would love to be able to let our Sunday evening Care Group hear it. I was told at the place where you order the recordings of the sessions that this one was not available. Thank you very much... and may God be with you in your new endeavor on the cruise ship!!
Lois Williams
By the way, Westside CoC, Bakersfield, feels such a connection in spirit with Zoe that we pretty much pack 2 rows to see you guys... but on one session one of our 2 church song leaders had to find another seat because there was no more room on our row. His seat was right next to you guys on the front row facing the auditorium... he felt as if he was able to perform with you guys... a highlight of his life, to be a part of Zoe!!