Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Space and Rocket Center

Yesterday Gary and I drove down to Huntsville for a meeting with the event planning staff at NASA's US Space and Rocket Center. It was entirely cool and an awesome family fun destination for the day for any of you from Nashville or surrounding areas. I was impressed by everything I saw there.

We're talking to them about helping with some of their events. They have great space for galas and other kinds of dinners and parties.

Gary visits with one of their event planners. Lindsey.

The area above is great for dinners and can seat somewhere around 1200 people at tables.

The Saturn 3--the original, built there in Huntsville. This space rocket orbited the moon and took pictures. It is a similar design to the Apollo.

This museum and activity center has a 3-D movie theater as well as an IMAX. It's really cool!

After we got back I had a conference call with my buddy, Justin McIntosh. He works in marketing at Big Machine Records (Taylor Swift, Trisha Yearwood, Jewel, etc). I am producing the design for their record label booth for CMA week in June (formerly known as Fan Fair). It's fun getting to work with our graphic artists. They are so talented!

Last night the Musicks, Lauren Gingles and Brian Randolph came over to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. We had a blast! Sheryl made steak, chicken and shrimp fajitas and cowboy caviar. Wooo-hooo! It was good!

Tonight is American Idol. Who's next to go?


Phil said...

I bet your kids would have a blast going down there on a quick trip. Kinsey did a couple of years ago.

btw, Castro must go. Please for the love of all that is holy, Castro must go.

Clarissa said...

I see the Space and Rocket Center every single day. You were within 5 minutes of our house! (If he goes the right way, Phil.) Julianne's grade did Space Camp last month and she loved it, they all did. Y'all come. Once we get moved we'll have plenty of room for you and we'll only be about 2 more minutes out. (We're listing the house this weekend!!)