Wednesday, May 07, 2008


The Majesty cast is doing their final runs this week before we head to the ship on Saturday. This cast has had a LOT to deal with over the course of their rehearsal time including losing 2 cast members. UGH! But they are troopers and really are shining this week. I was so proud of them today that I was welling up with tears. It's an amazing thing when you see people pull together in support of one another. I am SO very proud of this cast! I have kind of slighted them with photos but here are some pics of their run through of "On the Radio".

I began this post this morning. It's been a really, REALLY long day. This cast has had more than its fair share of trials to endure. I've asked you to pray for them...please pray extra hard tonight.

Great lunch with Phillip Duncan today...a definite highlight!

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