Sunday, May 18, 2008

Advertising at Work

It's been an amazing day! Fellowship was incredible this morning. Ronnie Freeman led and it was one of the best mornings we've had there.

Today has been a mixture of jumping on the trampoline, weeding the garden, teaching Maddie to ride her bike without training wheels, unpacking, laughing, and going on a long, very hilly walk. We walked over to Christ Church the back way. They have an awesome indoor play area that the kids love.

Along the way, we passed a new model Ford SUV. Without skipping a beat Sam declared, "Look American Idol Car!" The boy barely watches it...but loves those commercials when they come on. We never knew he paid attention to the model. Good job, advertising guys.

Sheryl and I are on a weight loss challenge. I am not sure whose body this is that I am living in...because it only barely resembles the me from one year ago. UGH! So...the challenge is on! Anyone wanna join?

I got an early Father' Day gift from my mom today! A new video DVD recorder. WOOOO-HOOO! Maybe I can post some video soon! Thanks, mom!


Anonymous said...

You're on. I'm guessing this is not a "winner gets lunch at Mazatlan" competition?


annie said...

Man, do I need to participate in this! What is y'all's plan, & please be more specific than "diet & exercise"!

I'm rooting for David Cook on AI. Are you, & do you think he'll do well beyond the show?

julie said...

Brandon, I am with you on this one. I have been working out for about 9 months now...boot camp, yoga, and core ball workouts. They have been amazing and initially I lost 14 lbs. but that has stabilized and everyone keeps thinking that I have lost weight but I really haven't...just gaining muscle. I believe that I need to lose and I need some motivation to stick to it. It is great that you can lose weight with Sheryl...if my husband lost weight with me, he would disappear.
Your life sounds so buys right now. I hope it is all that you hoped for.

Brandon Scott said...

we truly are doing diet and exercise. I am trying to cut back portions and eat more like 4-5 smaller meals through the day...we'll see!

Katherine said...

I have already started-lost about 17 pounds and am still working on it! I have cut back portions and am working out more regularly. It really is about a lifestyle change. Good luck with your goals! :)

Wendy said...

i started mine 4/16! lots of water, baby. lots of water.

Mark Lowenstein said...

It's hard to do so when you're crusin', bro. I've noticed (in several pictures) you're always at the table (banquet) with the dance team.

That's a dangerous place to be unless you have the discipline of limiting yourselves to high protein chicken breast (no toppings), greens, veggies and fruits plus aqua. ;)

Salmon and greens are another great food to eat. Take advantage of the gym on the boat, definitely in the morning where you have been recharged overnight. :)

Watch "The Biggest Loser" and you'll be on your way!

Blessings to both of you!

simonsays said...

Uh, can I join the challenge when we get back from the beach?? Cuz you KNOW I'll be eating some yummy food down there!



Amy said...

It's all that fine cruise cuisine you are so lucky to indulge in! That would be so tempting to me.

Maybe you could start hopping onstage with all those lean dancers you're hanging with these days - they'll whip you into shape. :)