Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Looking Ahead

This week is a week of digging in... Rochelle Kives is here rehearsing to go in as a replacement singer on the Majesty. I am trying to spend some time helping her get ready to fly out this Saturday.

The Washington D.C. show is coming up in two very short weeks. The instrumentalists and back ground vocalists did an amazing job last week in the recording studio. Those horn players are really astounding. It's fun to see an idea be birthed and remember when Sheryl and I were sitting at the table a few weeks ago brainstorming songs for the show. My favorite will be the Canada section where the female singer will sing a beautiful ballad called "Northern Lights" while Claire does a bit of modern dance as video images of the Aurora Borealis are shown on the large video screen behind. We will have an intense rehearsal period the week of the show and then the cast will fly to D.C. on the 11th. Today was spent going over sequencing and making sure costumes and voice-overs were all workable. Gary, David, Claire and Barbara have been so fun to work with...and so encouraging!

I am producing a booth for Big Machine Records next week at CMA Fest (Fan Fair) here in Nashville. Among their artists are Taylor Swift, Jewel, and Trisha Yearwood. Sheryl's nieces happen to be coming into town for CMA Fest and will be staying with us. Getting to meet Taylor and the others is a bonus--thank to Justin McIntosh. You rock, Justin!!

Gary and I are flying to Miami for the day on Thursday for meetings with a couple of Cruise Lines. It will be a short, but important, trip.

AND...apparently I have jury duty on Monday. I am taking a book. Maybe I can finish The Shack.

So, it's a week of digging in and trying to get things ready for the next few weeks. But it's also a week to enjoy being home...to watch the kids ride bikes, and to play the ever popular "hide-and-seek-jump-out-monster" which the kids want to play every single night. This was named by Maddie and Ella but inspired by my father.

I still remember playing hide and go seek with my cousins (the Morses) and almost wetting my pants as the anticipation would overtake me. My dad would hide and then all of us would try and find him knowing that he would most definitely catch us off guard EVERY SINGLE TIME and we would have a very good scream. So, now...it's officially named "hide-and-seek-jump-out-monster". I think my dad would be proud. :)

Still praying for the Chapmans...as well as the Browns. It's so hard to believe it's been a year since their loss. We love you, Tod and Leeann.


Arlene Kasselman said...

I can barely play hide and seek now at 41 - I almost pee everytime!!!! My kids think it is hilarious.

LeeAnn said...

Love you too Brandon!

Janet said...


I live in DC. What is the DC event?
Janet Bowers

Stephen Bailey said...

Hello! If you needed help brainstorming for the CANADIAN section of the show...I'm right here. First, dress the entire cast up like sexy mountees on horeback; next have them sing a song aboot (that's canadian for about) socialized medicine; then for the big finish, unveil an oversized maple leaf flag and do an ice skating number to a stirring rendition of "O Canada!" Yeah, that's right. Next time you'll call me first.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Brandon,

Missed saying goodbye to you guys and miss you much. Enjoy keeping up on your doings through the blog. Hugs to everyone. I finally entered the blog world so if you ever want to check in on the Meadors, because you have NOTHING ELSE TO DO, hop over to http://web.mac.com/themeador6/Shellis_blog/Blog/Blog.html

Blessings, my friend,

Kyrsten said...

Good luck with your Washington D.C. show. It sounds like it's going to be awesome!