Friday, May 23, 2008

Another Milestone

Today was a big day for Maddie and Ella. Maddie graduated from Kindergarten today after 5 years at OC pre-school. When she began she was just a tiny little 2 year old. Now our big girl is moving on to 1st grade. Today was the last time she'll climb these steps to the Kindergarten...

This was also Ella's last year at OC pre-school. She will go with Maddie to Grandbury next year. She will be in Kindergarten and Maddie will be in 1st grade. This is one of Ella's best friends, Emma Arnett.

Sam will continue at Otter Creek for a few more years...he seems happy about that!

These pictures are from Maddie's graduation ceremony today.

Miss Jennifer, Maddie's wonderful Kindergarten teacher is seated on the end.

Our big graduate!

Sam's teacher...Miss Julie ("Miss Jewey")...whom he ADORES!

Ella's teacher, Miss Amanda, was wonderful too!

Maddie and some of her friends after the ceremony.

I tried to get a picture of Maddie and Sydney Williamson, but I couldn't find Sydney. One of our greatest joys has been watching their friendship mature over the years. Sydney is Maddie's best friend and she loves her more than anything. It was neat seeing them both graduate today and to think back to when Ryan and Sarah still lived in Malibu and we took pictures of Maddie and Sydney as infants on the beach and laying around. Now they seem so grown up. These are precious days!

I spent the afternoon in the studio listening to horn players and singers do their magic in recording tracks for our upcoming show in Washington D.C. in June. It was really fun! Dave Patton did such an incredible job with the arrangements! Go Dave!


Beaner said...

Congrats to Maddie "Becomming a Grader", as my daughter called it last year when she finished Kindergarten!

Elizabeth S said...

What great pictures! Makes me a little sad to see the old OC building. These years go by so fast! My Jordan will be in third grade in the fall. Man, where does the time go?! Glad you guys are doing so well.

ChristanP said...

I can't believe my son will be there in a few years......i'ts only been 1 month and already flying by!

maryann said...

Precious picture and tribute to Maddie! I guess we are getting old, b/c every year just goes faster and faster.
Love you!

LeeAnn said...

Precious pictures. Please continue to love those babies and treasure these realy does fly by. Brandon your family is beautiful and you seem to enjoy each and every step of your children's journey...I love that!