Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bermuda cold and windy. I am in need of some vitamin D. Things have been going well, just long. The cast has great energy and they are excited to be here. They are doing a great job.

We finally have a full cast! This theater is older---like the old school cruise ship type of theaters. The ceilings are lower, it's more of a lounge feel. But the cast seems to like it. The 8 of them fill the space and look great.

I stayed up way too late last night reading. I am most of the way through chapter 4 in The Shack. I am seriously trusting all of you...because this is one of my greatest nightmares so far. UGH! I can only imagine it will be amazing, but I must admit freaking out last night while reading. Sheesh.

My goal today...get OUT of the theater and set my feet on land. We're here in Bermuda until tomorrow. I am going stir crazy and need a little "walkabout"!


Anonymous said...

Read on, oh weary one. Read on. Meanwhile, I'll see if I can stir up some pity for you while you are in "chilly, windy Bermuda" and I get to go to stormy, windy Jackson, TN today.

P Duncan

Lauren Lucille said...

Hi Brandon!! Burmuda!?! Dang. That's great!! Hope you are having a blast, love reading up on you and your precious family, have a great week!

Rick Castleman said...

Hi Brandon - I didn't know how to contact you, so I'll use this venue. I have a few arrangements of some worship songs we have been using here in Lexington, SC that you might be interested in for upcoming Zoe albums. If you will e-mail me, I'll send them to you. They are 4-5 part a cappella arrangements of contemporary songs - "Son of God" by Starfield, "untitled Hymn" by Chris Rice, "My Chains are Gone" by Chris Tomlin and I'm currently working on "Mighty to Save" by Laura Story. The arrangements are done in Finale but I can send them in other formats too.

We have met in years past, but I don't expect you to remember me. However, if you need a reference point, Phillip Organ is an old friend and I was in school with Johnathan Vest.

Let me know if you are interested - Rick Castleman

(By the way, you don't need to post this as a regular comment! Thanks.)

Anonymous said...

It gets better. In fact, you'll be ready to trade in Bermuda for a shack in the woods by the end!

Glad your new job is doing well and you continue to bless many through your work. Regardless of where that is.

Kelley Smith-Athens