Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Today...it is official...Maddie is now a bike rider without training wheels. She set her mind to it yesterday and by tonight, she was soaring around our cul de sac like a maniac! It's been a big week of firsts for her...

Last night we all dressed up and went to Maddie's piano recital. It was a Forrest Hills Baptist church and it was SO nice! All the kids did so well! Sheryl and I were so very proud of Maddie. She confidently walked to the mic and introduced herself and announced the pieces she would be playing. Then, she sat and played through her first two and then played a beautiful duet with Mrs. Summey. We were so proud!

And even more proud when Sam announced in the middle of the recital... "I JUST TOOTED!!!"

Tonight...it's Archuleta, friends. He nailed it. How can you possibly disagree? :)


MichaelPolutta said...

No argument at all. I was pulling for DC, but Archuleta won every "round" of tonight. I really did get tired of the "fight" stuff. Whatever. Two talented singers.

Phil said...

David A. seems dead behind the eyes. And he's so formulaic that I just can't get behind him. He's has the best voice, but David Cook is the better performer by miles and miles.

And congrats on Maddie's milestones. Give her a hug from Kinsey.

Karen said...

Formulaic... that's a great description. David Cook all the way. Totally agreed with his reasoning for doing something new. I thought Archie's resurrection of "Imagine" was bad form. He must be running out of songs he thinks he can sing.

Jennifer T. said...

Me too! Me too! David Cook. I was going to say the same thing as Phil. At first, Archie really had me with all that "Wow! Really? Oh my goodness!" Stuff. And the whole look like he was about to faint every time someone complimented him got me, too. Then he did it over...and over...and over again. I just don't think he's all that genuine. Talented, yes. But David Cook really deserves it more than Archie. Of the two, I think he has way more staying power. Archie is just a souped-up version of Clay Aiken.

Elizabeth S said...

I agree that Archuleta will probably win, although I was disappointed he did so well last night. I really wanted Cook to win.

Anonymous said...

My wife would diagree with you, and would most likely fight you for your views. I have no dog in the hunt, but learning that Phil Wilson is an American Idophite is more than I can bear!

For the record, Phil is right. Dead behind the eyes. He may come back in 2 years and try again, so says my wife, so say I.

P Dunc

Brandon Scott said...

Sheryl and I were convinced that Cooke would win too. But after last night, I am not so sure anymore. I disagreed with Simon on cooke's final song. I thought it was amazing. I HATED the middle one though.

Archuleta is a kid. But, he has an amazing gift..way better than Clay Aiken....do not get me started. Archuleta's ability with pitch and tone are simply incredible.

What we have here are an apple and an orange. Both will be incredibly successful. I just don't buy the whole "dead behind the eyes" comment that is prevalent on the internet. Nor do I think that Cooke is more original than Archuleta. Cooke had a record deal. Now he doesn't so he went on IDOL. Maybe he needs help with artist development. I thought the final song was smokin...and could see him really thrive with stuff like that. The whole self indulgent 80's rocker thing wears me out.

Did I mention I have an opinion? :)

Arlene Kasselman said...

I think David A. is genuine and kind - he is a kid. That is all. I think we are used to seeing 17 year old kids on TV that have the sophistication of 30 year olds with the maturity of 10 year olds. This is a regular kid.
If the hype on the internet is true about his Dad, he may well be a kid who is yet to feel the blessing of being enough.

David Cook is hot and I would and I have bought his songs, but last night belonged to David A.

Brandon Scott said...

Arlene nailed it about David A.

Phil said...

Since we're sharing opinions, I'll share mine.

I've already bought David C. songs. I just can't see myself doing it with David A.

And I honestly don't intend to intimate that there's an issue with David A with the "dead behind the eyes" comment. That's simply how he looks to me (and others apparently). Arlene could be right about the genuine 17-year-old comment, but from an overall performance standpoint, David Cook stands out from Archie.

In my opinion.

judy thomas said...

I can't imagine what kind of stress they were both under last night, nor the rewards the winner will reap. I hope a 17-year-old has the wherewithal to stand the pressures--I do think he will win.
Although, I wish it would be a tie as it was several years ago.

And congratulations to Maddie!!!

Stephen Bailey said...

American Idol...blah,blah, blah...I need tips on the bike riding thing. The training wheels are off, I run along side and let go some, but we can't seem to break on thru to the other side. Any suggestions?

Katherine said...

Oh, I love both of them-though I have been an Archuleta fan from the beginning, I have also fallen in love with Cook in the last few months. I thought Cook had it going into last night, and I am not sure now-Archuleta did nail it, but I still think Cook rocks!! I think they are both sincere-they seem to be. I love Archuleta's innocence and pure sound of his voice. I hope that his father (from what I have heard) does not ruin what he has, and I think they will both go far!!

I am pumped to see who wins!! I think it will be a great finale.

Maddie is just growing up-congrats on the bike and the piano! :)

Jennifer T. said...

No doubt Archuleta is way more talented than Clay Aiken. I didn't mean to say that he wasn't. I meant as far as performance and style goes. He's hands-down one of the most talented ever on AI. But I'm SO glad Cook won!