Thursday, May 15, 2008

Norwegian Majesty

The outgoing cast has two more shows (one tonight and one tomorrow). Kelly and I slipped back stage to give hugs and love before the show the other night. They all did a great job! (Kelly is one of our choreographers and is an old pro at directing the Majesty shows)

Ruben, Bree and me. Ruben and Bree were dancers on the Spirit when we did the handover out there. They are engaged to be married. They did a really great job so we brought them on to help with this handover on the Majesty since they have also worked as performers here.

Last night the old cast came to watch the new cast do a tech/dress run of the opener. Here's a pic with Mikey and Megan ("Little Bit").
The new cast was pumped and ready to do their first tech run...

Mark and Hayden

Lucy and Blake

The singers...(L-R) Lucy, Blake, Megan, and Daniel. (Daniel extended his contract to fill in for Jason. He's done a great job and had to learn two new shows while continuing to perform the three he's already doing out here with the old cast. THANKS, Daniel!!)

The new cast of the NCL Majesty: Taryn Escobar, Blake Rowden, Mark Andrews, Lucy Wilkerson, Megan Gleckler, Daniel Olsen, April Holloway and Hayden Escobar

We just pulled away from Bermuda. It is VERY rocky. It feels like we're on a small fishing boat out in the middle of the ocean! Whew! I hope it calms down before the show tonight. The old cast has two shows and then the new cast has a dress/tech rehearsal of Standing Room Only (our Broadway show) beginning at 11:30pm. It'll be another late night.

I am loving the Shack!


Katherine said...

I am glad you are loving it-can't wait to hear your reflections once you are done with it! :)

Looks like another great cast-hope the seas calm down!

Btw, I love the guy in the background in the 2nd picture! lol

Aggiema (Michelle) said...

Guess that means that they were right about the book getting better after chapter 4. May have to check out "The Shack" after all.

Having been on a couple of cruises where we had rocky seas, it is hard to understand how the cast can perform these dance numbers without stumbling all over the stage! We were on one where the entertainment that night was a balancing act, our drinks were sloshing out of the glasses but this guy was balancing on a soccer ball on top of a champagne bottle! Bizarre! Hope things on the sea calm down for you all.

MichaelPolutta said...

I'm glad you plowed through. You must've thought I was a lunatic when I said I wanted to read it again for the comfort of it - especially in the depths of chapter 4. Are you beginning to understand why I said that?

Rutgers said...

Hi um so my name is Jose Santiago. I’m 19 years and I know Ruben. He was an awesome choreographer who helped out my high school with plays when I was still there. HE WAS AMAZING! He was our leader but also one of our closest friends. Some of us have been looking for him, in any way that we could think of, for around 2 years. He left us to be on the Norwegian Spirit. We almost found him once but the lady we got in contact with said she would tell him, but he never got back to us. Please, please give Ruben my email if you have his number still. It would seriously make my year to have him back in our lives. Tell him Natalie and Jeana both say hi, and if he’d like to know there’s a lot of stuff that has changed about all us kids.

Please, from the bottom of my heart forward this to him.
Miss you, Ruben. And love you too!