Friday, July 27, 2007

Yesterday I got to experience a really neat thing... Dave Patton was producing an orchestral session on music row for a new show on a new ship from NCL called "The Gem". I got to sit in on part of the recording. It was one of the coolest things I've seen. It reminded me of TV specials watching John Williams direct movie soundtracks.

The studio itself was two levels. On the bottom floor, the strings (maybe 40 of them) were in the center. Around the outside of the floor were isolation rooms for other instrument groups--woodwinds were in one, french horns in another, percussion in another and so on. Upstairs was where all the brass sat. They could all see the conductor. (see pics below)

This was the right corner of the studio showing the two levels--imagine it fanning across the rest of the incredible!

From the sound booth we could see Dave as he directed and watch the strings...this picture is small, but you can see through the glass a little bit...

As I watched the musicians doing their thing--each instrument mic'd for precision and then watched the engineer deal with the board and protools capturing the entire orchestra on a zillion channels, I geeked out for a minute or two. It's so fun living here where music is celebrated and recorded in beautiful ways. It was a pinch yourself kind of moment.

Last night we had Samson--really, REALLY loving this OC group. The sharing, the friendships, the authenticity are really building in such incredible ways. If you're in Nashville and have an interest in Samson, come visit our Otter Creek group on Thursday nights at 7pm!

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