Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Last night was about as full as it could be. We had 2 songs to finish but also needed to squeeze in the photo shoot before Peter flew back to California. Alan was gracious enough to bring his crew out to the studio where he got creative outside with backdrops and natural lighting.

We recorded "You Are God Alone" last night and it went well. That's a beast of a song and I was really, REALLY tired vocally.

Randy Gill was there last night and brought a song he just finished called "To the Least of These". It is absolutely gorgeous. Sheryl was in tears after he played it for us so we recorded it on the spot. I'm excited for everyone to hear it. Randy matched moving, missional lyrics with a gorgeous melody. He's very gifted.

This last picture cracks me up on several levels. Alan (the photographer) jumped in...and Sheryl is talking on my cell phone to Caroline Martin (our friend and babysitter last night) who was having issues with getting Ella calmed down. EVERYONE is glad to see a little break here from the studio for a week. We begin again next Monday.


RD said...

I don't know Brandon. There are a lot of untucked shirts in that first photo. Looking forward to hearing the new stuff.

Luke Coles said...

I love the fact that Peter is cut off in both photos.