Thursday, July 05, 2007

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MADDIE!!! Today my big girl turns 6. It seems like just yesterday she was that gorgeous baby with big blue eyes staring up at me. I remember how her head felt, how she smelled, her sweet smile, her laugh...I was instantly in love!

Today she's a beautiful, cheerful, caring, artistic little girl who loves her family, loves Jesus, loves to play the piano and make crafts. She still has a smile that melts my heart! Yesterday she said to me... "Daddy, wouldn't it be cool if you were still leading worship and I was on stage playing the piano?" How sweet is that? My thought was...I sure hope so, Maddie.

Happy 6th birthday!


Christy said...

Happy Birthday sweet Maddie!!

Drew Battistelli said...

Chris Tomlin will be at Lipscomb on October 6th... You really should get some connections and have Chris present for LATE NIGHT Friday Night for the ZOE Conference.

Just a funny thought.

Arlene Kasselman said...

Please...what Drew said.

Stephen Bailey said...

Happy birthday Miss Maddie! I'll never forget hearing the news that your mom and dad were expecting you! Seems like yesterday. We love you!

Stephen, Stephanie, Rainey and Emily Bailey

Craig Fisher said...

What are you all looking at in the picture you posted rom Zoe? Fireworks?