Thursday, July 19, 2007

We have been working hard the last month or so on the new ZOE recording called "Overflow". It's been a really enjoyable experience this year. We've got everyone back with us and have just had a blast being together and singing again. It's not as easy as it was 10 years ago before marriage and kids became priorities in our group. Ten years later we've added 5 spouses and somewhere around 10 kids to the mix. WHEW! But it sure is fun praising God with some of your closest friends!

Here's a final list of songs on the new CD...

* Be Lifted High-- (Michael W. Smith recorded this--Leeland wrote it)

* Yours is the Kingdom

* The Word is Alive-- (one of Jason's groups, Casting Crowns, has this on their new record which comes out in August. AWESOME song!)

* Everlasting God-- ("strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord...")

* You Never Let Go-- (This one is dedicated to Tod and Leeann Brown and their whole family)

* You Are God Alone

* How Can I Keep From Singing? --(Chris Tomlin)

* You Are Good

* Where Joy and Sorrow Meet-- (Avalon)

* Your Name-- (Paul Baloche)

* Uncreated One-- (Chris Tomlin)

* To The Least of These-- (Randy Gill original)

* Be Praised-- (A George Rowe original--my buddy George goes to Otter Creek and has an AWESOME voice and heart)

* Let God Arise--(Chris Tomlin)

* Overflow--(Stephen Curtis Chapman and Geoff Moore)

We finish in the studio tonight. (Lord Willing!) Please join us in praying that these songs and this CD will be a blessing and minister to people. Thanks!


julie said...

I can't wait to hear this one...but mostly I can't wait to worship with these songs.

Jon Owen said...

What is the release date?

Craig Fisher said...

ready for my copy

Karen said...

I'm looking forward to hearing this one, too! Some of these are ones done at the church we currently attend (instrumental), and I can't wait to hear them with great acappella arrangements! I miss acappella music.

Brandon Scott said...

release date is Sept 1!

Jeremiah said...

Congratulations on nearing the end of recording. I can't wait to hear these songs--How Can I Keep from Singing is one of my current favorites--and sing them at the top of my lungs while they're blaring in my cd player.

Timeless from Fresno said...

Agree with Jeremiah's song favorite. I'm wondering if this is a rearranged version of the beautiful, traditional hymn of the same title or if it is altogether new. (The traditional hymn takes me back to my Amish/Russian-Mennonite roots.)

Kudos to those who contributed to the title and CD cover is moving! Many "definitions" can be given to the mind's view of falling water. Am eager to get your newest offering!