Tuesday, July 31, 2007


* I've never found "The Simpsons" funny at all. I don't get it. It's dumb. HOWEVER, when my friend Daren quotes "The Simpsons" I think it's hilarious. Go figure.

* I watched Oprah yesterday. I confess. It was really awesome. The story with the couple who both have Down's Syndrome was incredible!

* I'm ready for school to start. Our kids are on each others' nerves and on what's left of mine.

* I love salsa. 24 hours a day. Salsa.

* I am way better about talking about faith than living it out

* I struggle to be vulnerable. I wish it came easier to me. I have to work at it and sometimes it's like pulling teeth. I know it's something that is really important for me to work towards...and a simple blog list of insignificant confessions doesn't equal being vulnerable.

* I love...LOVE...real whipping cream. I could eat it by the bowl full.

* I love tomatoes. There's almost nothing better than fresh, out of the garden tomatoes with a little salt and pepper.

* I absolutely LOVE the country band "Little Big Town". Former popular Christian music writer, Wayne Kirkpatrick, produces them and writes all their songs. Wayne has had a number of pop music hits including Eric Clapton's "Change the World". I listen to the LBT CD almost every single day. The melodies, the lyrics, the chord structures, the harmonies...amazing. The entire CD is brilliant. It's not one of those where you've got 3-4 good songs. They're all good.

* I like Ebay. Probably too much. It's the thrill of the hunt. Auction Sniper is my friend.

* I secretly love the TV show on Tuesday nights... "Singing Bee". I know. I know....

that's enough randomness from me today. Hope you're all doing well.


Beaner said...

You don't like the Simpsons????? Maybe you should try watching 'King of the Hill' instead! Being from Texas, you're bound to know somebody like Hank Hill.

Craig Fisher said...

Did you really admit that about Oprah?

Brandon Scott said...

I know...I said it was CONFESSIONS, dork. Hey--it was sweet! And, I was sitting with Sam who was REALLY sick with "hand-foot-mouth" so I was having a domestic moment. Give me a break.

Mark Lowenstein said...


I agree with you! Having the kids in school keeps us all sane! :) Yet, it's always wonderful spending time with kids during the summer. There are daddy-kiddie days becoming numbered!

I'm in my hometown visiting my family and just passed my old childhood home. It's not the same as it used to be. As I looked at the front door, I see myself, as a young deaf kid, running out of the door, playing war, climbing a tree, playing hide-and-seek, throwing tomatoes (from dad's garden) at passing vehicles. Memories explode from there! I'm just glad that I had the freedom to explore the wonderland of my home.

Now, times have changed. Evil lurks around more than ever before. Child predators and molesters are full-blown out in the area. More and more kids are in the home playing on computers and video games. The wonderland has been minimized into the confines of the home. Spider webs forms on swing sets and basketball hoops. There are no tread marks on grass. Bikes looks very new after 5 years. No broken limbs on trees. No mud streaks on doors or dirty shoes.

I love the good ole days when I was young where there's only a game of Atari and a good ole fashioned television with only 12 channels. It makes outdoors in the forest more pleasing!!

It is my prayer that the next generation will return to the forest to expand their childhood dreams and memories!

Though, I am no C.S. Lewis, I hope I'm making sense here!

See you at Zoe!

Drew Battistelli said...

In the last 2 years I've found out that being too vulnerable and transparent leads to pain, finding out who unloving "claim to be loving" people are, strife and tough ministry. I still think it's worth it, just in the right circle of people. Ouch!

So- August 1st is coming... Might we get a song to preview 30-days before the ZOE release?

Stephen Bailey said...

One of the reasons I celebrate our friendship is that although we have A LOT in common, it's our differences that make it interesting. For example, you are a fashion god, I dress like someone's poor but lovable bachelor uncle by whom the family is mildly embarassed.

Normally, I don't associate with people who are not fans of The Simpsons, but you totally make up for it with your passion for tomatoes fresh from the garden with salt and pepper! See what I mean?

Jeff said...

I have to admit, I'm with you on the Singing Bee. The only problem is I've seen one episode like three times. They need some original episodes, and get rid of all the male singers except for the one short,dark-haired dude.

Here's my tv show confession - ever since we got cable again (which is a confession in itself - we went three years without it and now I watch too much tv again), I'm addicted to that Ninja Warrior show on G4. I haven't figured out what the purpose of G4 is (we didn't have it before so I assume it's new), but that show is awesome! Maybe they'll have an American version like they do now with Iron Chef, my other Japanese fave.

KarenBethGoad said...

I just finished getting caught up on reading your last several blogs. I had to comment on your "confessions" blog from 7/31. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Little Big Town!! I listen to them everyday, too! I knew we were still kindred spirits! I remember the time I got the answer to your question about "Broadcast News" before Stephen did! I thought I was the only one who quoted that movie!

Hugs to you and the fam! ~KB