Sunday, February 03, 2008

Heart Gala 2008

The Heart Gala was a huge success! We were there from about 7am til after midnight, but it was all worth it. The Schermerhorn looked beautiful and the American Heart Association raised thousands of dollars for a very worthy cause.

The honoree of the evening was Billy Ray Hearn who is often called the father of Contemporary Christian Music. He started the record labels Myrhh and Sparrow and signed artists like Keith Green, 2nd Chapter of Acts, and Steven Curtis Chapman. His daughter, Holly, was integral in making this event a success as was Erin Link from AHA and Allison Huber from the Schermerhorn.

The Schermerhorn has a very cool feature where the floor of seats mechanically lowers and is replaced by an ornate hard wood ball room floor. Our symphony center is gorgeous and made an excellent venue for the Heart Gala.

Here are some pictures of our day yesterday--

Here's a picture of boss man Gary and me before the event began. Billy Ray's daughter, Holly, called him the "Dick Clark of the South East".


Anonymous said...

Wow, how lovely!

Billy Ray Hearn was so sweet to Laura when she sang for his hymn sing at the Schermerhorn, and even mailed her photos of herself singing onstage. He was the real deal.

Aren't you having some fun!!!


Steven J Bruce said...

WOW! Your wardrobe has gone up a couple of notches on your new job :-)

Seriously, looks like things are going great.

Steven Bruce