Saturday, February 16, 2008

Streams in the Desert

This blog is not about the event known as "Streams in the Desert" but more about finding my own stream in the desert of West Texas. Sheryl, the kids and I are in Midland this weekend. We came out to sing and to do some worship leading. As usual, the people are overwhelmingly generous in heart and spirit. Tod and LeeAnn look great and it's so wonderful to see them and the kids. Alan and Holly Brown had us over for lunch yesterday with some other friends. We had such a great time! (Hi, Jill! You know we love you!!!)

Tonight we did a special candle light worship service in the rotunda. It was such a sweet night. I got to pray with Kevin Riggs and talk about life and faith with Alan Brown. We sang with Kevin and Iris Riggs and Syd Braddock--what a treat! And, Marc outdid himself with prep work for the night.

But, the real treat was hearing Tod share some words tonight. I've always admired Tod, and especially after watching him deal with the devestating loss of their son last May in that auto accident. When he speaks, it's effortless. It's real. There's no special "preacher" voice. He just simply shares from his heart and you can almost always hear a pin drop---people listen intently. I have loved seeing everyone and being back at Golf Course Road this weekend, but I'm hit with the fact tonight that Tod is a real gift in my life, but especially these last 9 months. Being with the Browns (all 37 of them)'s like finding a stream in the desert.


Anonymous said...

Dear Brandon and Cheryl, tonight was an incredible worship experience and I am only sorry that I cannot put into words exactly what it meant for me. It was one of those moments when I actually felt that God was sitting next to me and that He was the One with His face in His hands crying as He listened to all the voices. As Tod said, it was powerful from the first note sang. As I sat and listened I thought and thought about Connor and about how beautiful Heaven is going to be. Thank you for coming and sharing your hearts not only through song but through who you are. Grace, Melissa Kindel.

LeeAnn said...

We loved you being here this weekend! Thanks for your patience with my coming and going...I know you understand the Sing Song thing! Absolutely loved being with your sweet kids. All three are darling and a joy to be with.
Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and hearts with GCR. I am already having Sam withdrawal!

dee said...

Brandon, you are exactly right about Tod. He is a phenomonal teacher of whom I have had the privilege of learning from. Saturday evening was an incredible experience, even if I did not have my voice music came out of my heart. You have a wonderful gift of leading a group right into the Throne Room for an unequaled worship experience. Thank you for that time. I am already looking forward to your next visit. Many blessings on you and your family.

Matthew said...

Sounds like a powerful worship, we all need those wonderful moments in life.

preacherman said...

It is wonderful that God is blessing your life with wonderful worship experiences. It is great to experiene His presence in the mist of friends and those who are close to us. God's glory overflows like the "stream" when we truely worship Him.
Thanks for sharing this with us all.
May God bless you and your ministry brother in a powerful way.
In Him,
Kinney Mabry

Holly said...

We adore all of you so much! Our kids loved being with your precious three. The girls can't wait for another day with Maddie and Ella (and Sam too!). We loved you being in our home, but wanted more time with you and Sheryl.
Your are a blessing to our lives! Holly

Anonymous said...

Don't you just cringe when God tugs at your coattails and says, "I'm not done with you yet." Why were you led out to such a wonderful wilderness experience last weekend? I saw pure delight in your face when you totally worshipped and shared your joy in The Lord with all of us there. God bless you and your lovely family. We've been blessed for sure. Hallelujah, He is The One. Connie F.

Anonymous said...

Well Brandon, it has almost been two days since you and Cheryl blessed us with your gift of worship and the gift of your hearts. That seems like a long time so I was just going to say that I, at least am ready for another weekend. That is a little hint for you to look at your calendar because I know from all I have heard that I am not the only one who feels that. It was an incredible time and I was blessed by it. So once again I just wanted to say thank you to the both of you. Melissa Kindel

Trisha said...

Hey Brandon--We were overcome by the nasty flu last week, so we stayed home and missed getting to see you and Cheryl Saturday night. We did get to meet your beautiful children on Sunday. They are adorable! We hope to get to see you next time! Sorry you had to deal with the nasty flu!
Ben & Trisha