Sunday, February 10, 2008

Atlanta show...continued

The rest of the day went well yesterday. We had very little turn-around time to transform the hall into a banquet area with an Asian rehearse in the space with the drummers and performers doing the Chinese lion and dragon.

Until we were able to get into the venue, we rehearsed the choreographed dragon moves out in the downstairs lobby area...

Once we got inside, Claire rehearsed the lion dance first... Chase and Tony were great!

This is the same room from the pictures yesterday that we decorated with an Asian theme.

Claire and the dragon performers await their entrance music.

Chase Benz and me. (Chase's sister and her husband--Jody and Stephanie McBreyer are good friends. Chase did a great job!

Paul and Maureen take a break to pose.

The dragon was a bi hit (as was the lion dance). The drummers did a geat job too! (We used two guys from the drumline at Georgia Tech University)

All the performers--

Drummers: Nigel and A.B.

Singers and dancers: Chase Benz, Rodney Williams, Maureen Callahan, Jenny Slate Lee, Claire Williams, Alina Williams, Tony Speight, Liz Byler Shea, Paul Vann

Maureen and Alina--nice chicken pants. Alina has been a Radio City Rockette for the last few years performing in the Christmas show. (Hillary, I told her about you, but she said you guys were in different touring casts)

When we blew the confetti cannons, they shot with such force that it filled some of the lights with confetti. The guys had fun during load-out emptying the light fixtures. Jonathan was showered with confetti. He is one of our production managers and the master of all things video and sound.

It's so great to be home! I am exhauseted. We began at 6:30am yesterday and after the day we did load-out and finished around 1:30am. It was long, but everyone is fun to be around so that makes it go fast!

Everything said and done, it was a great success. Thank you to everyone who helped make it such a wonderful experience!

The cast from the NCL Spirit arrives tomorrow and we begin rehearsals Tuesday. I am so excited to start with them. We're about done with casting for Spring but then we'll turn around and have to cast a whole new set of ships this summer. The London audition went so well! Around 600 performers showed up to audition. Check out Gary's blog for pics... Gary Musick Productions Blog


Anonymous said...

Wow Brandon! What a cool job you have. It seems like you just get to plan and throw lavish parties. What a fun job, and what a great job you do! Those parties look like they were amazing! I'm sure the attendees were extremely happy with the results.
Thanks for the text message last night, I'm having a problem with out going texts lately so I couldn't respond, but thanks for thinking of me.

Christy said...

So glad everything went well. The Asian stuff looked really cool.

Miss you friend

henry Austin said...

So I presume that's not the same Chase Benz that is going out with Britney Spears?

Brandon Scott said...

Yes...that's the same guy. But he's not her boyfriend. :) He is on tour with her as a dancer...that's it.