Wednesday, February 06, 2008

One Singular...Chinese Dragon

For the last month we've been working towards our big event in Atlanta this weekend. We're producing a big corporate event there. I've been working with a cast of 9 to prepare a Broadway number Saturday morning. Then, that night the banquet has an Asian theme. The singers and dancers will bring a Chinese Lion and Dragon to life.

We are so blessed to be surrounded with brilliant and artistic minds at GMC. Art designers, set designers, costumers, choreographers, musicians,'s awesome. Thanks to team work, this weekend is looking like it will be a huge success!

Today we rehearsed the performers. Here are some pictures...

Claire teaches the singers the number from "A Chorus Line"..."One"

Singers L-R are Paul Vann, Jenny Slate, Liz Shea, and Rodney Williams (Claire's husband)

Here you see the Dragon head...controlled by Chase Benz (our friend Stephanie McBreyer's brother)

The dragon is huge...and quite a challenge to maneuver. The dancers did a great job!

On a family note...we've all had the plague. Something got passed around ZOE and we're still suffering from it. The kids have been ill all week. Please pray for health and healing for them!


Gary said...

Nice shots of the dragon! Looking forward to seeing this come to life on Saturday!

Thurman8er said...

If it makes you feel any better (and I really don't think it will), just about the whole church has it. It's mowing us down. One by one.