Friday, February 29, 2008

Cast Dinner

Last night Sheryl and I joined the cast for their farewell dinner at Darfon's. It was a wonderful time together and fun to have some time away from the very hard work we've been doing for weeks.

Here are some pictures from last night--

The cast of Norwegian Cruise Line Spirit with Mindy, Claire (and me) from Gary Musick

In each cast, the first timers get a Gary Musick jacket. Here they are posing in their new jackets.

Candice and Katie show off their new jackets.

Today we are doing final runs of shows and trying to get ready to leave. Sunday we fly out with the cast. Please pray for our safe travels. Sheryl and Gary Musick are coming out to the ship on Thursday for a few days. They won't get to see the cast in the actual shows yet, but they will get to see their final dress next weekend. Then the week of the 9th, the cast begins their shows.

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Anonymous said...

You seem to have a very popular hair style. There is much hair gel in these pictures!

As for me, I'm a mousse guy.