Monday, March 03, 2008

Rock the Boat

Yesterday was an incredibly long day. I met the cast at 4am to get loaded and head to the airport where we boarded and flew to New Orleans. Once we got to New Orleans we headed to the ship with probably two tons of luggage being pulled in a trailer. The company manager for the cast already on the ship has to be the most organized person I have ever met in my life. He is a dancer in the current cast and his fiance is the dance captain. She is also amazing. I'm pretty sure they could win the ext Presidential election. (wishful thinking)

Our transfers onto the ship all went smoothly thanks to Reuben and Bree. We got settled and then had a production meeting to set the rehearsal schedule this week. It's always the most intense week for the cast. They are trying to adjust to ship life while getting the show ready. Costume fittings, tech run-throughs, sound, stage re-blocking, fatigue!

The theater is amazing! I really love it. It's graduated seating with plush red velvet theater seats. The stage is a proper stage with decent space backstage. I am looking forward to seeing the old cast do their show tonight and see how the space translates with an audience.

While I was waiting for our production meeting I stood out in the lobby looking over the show pictures and bios of the current performers. All of a sudden, my eyes about bugged out of my head. A girl I worked with 14 years ago doing shows for Jean Ann Ryan and Norwegian Cruise Line was right there in living color. She came in as a replacement for another singer after doing several Broadway tours of Lion King. (turns out she also knows my friend, Ty, from Lion King) CRAZY!! We had a very fun reunion last night talking about our spouses, kids, etc. As is often true in the performing is VERY small! What a blessing to see Ketsia and hear about what God has done in her!

Today is a sea day. I am sitting in the guys' dressing room backstage where I can get wireless internet. The clarinet player from the band is in here too--rehearsing. I don't think I can deal with any more chromatic scales this morning. :)

More news later!


Stephen Bailey said...

Glad you made it safely on board. Keep blogging when you can. I want to hear all about it. Break a leg.

Amy said...

It's really interesting to read about everything involved in this production. I have 2 friends who work on different cruise ships and now I have a little insight into what their life must be like. =D