Monday, March 17, 2008

Back from the Spirit

I got home last night from my install of shows on the Spirit. I was SO glad to be home and see my family! It was a long and gruelling two weeks, but the cast did a fantastic job! We opened both shows to great crowds who gave them standing ovations at the end. I was so thrilled for them!

The ratings came back yesterday and the shows were through the roof...the top rated shows in the entire NCL fleet and a record for that particular ship. YAY TEAM!!

Here are some pictures of life aboard the NCL Spirit...

This was the pool in the back of the ship--the perfect dream pool for kids only!

The cast worked so hard in rehearsals. Many nights we were in the theater until 2am.

Have you seen the commercial where the little girl secretly put a small stuffed monkey in her father's briefcase as he went on a trip and he takes pictures of the monkey everywhere to send back? Love that! Ella and Maddie sent Peter Rabbit with me. There were many Peter Rabbit pictures! In fact, Ella emailed me one day and said, "Daddy, I miss you so much...but I sure do miss that bunny!!"

Sheryl came out for a few days. It was SO AWESOME having her there!! Even though I was mostly tied up in rehearsals, we did get to have some nice time together. It made the two weeks much more palatable!

Our first week on board, the old cast was still there doing shows while we rehearsed day and night. To my surprise, one of their principal singers was a girl I had worked with YEARS ago also for Norwegian. Her name is Ketsia. We had such a great visit. She was very active in the Christian community on board the Spirit.

This is a shot of the vacant theater

Claire, Mindy, Gary and I went to see the old cast perform their last shows. Mindy and Gary left a week ago and Claire and I opened the shows with our cast.

I must say, it is a pure pleasure to work with these people. They are some of the brightest, most genuine, truly talented people I've ever known. They have amazing hearts and are a light to everyone who meets them. I am a better person for getting to be associated and working with them.

Right now things are crazy back in Nashville. We have the Norwegian GEM cast here as well as the Celebrity Constellation. And tomorrow, the Celebrity Infinity cast comes in (I am teaching them). Though it's busy here, it's fun to be back and see everyone.

Below are some more pics....since I didn't get to post pictures out there I had to catch up!! I miss all the cast folks from the Spirit and pray that God will bless each of them.


Beaner said...

I wish I could clone myself & be in a production like this!!!!

Gary said...

Congratulations to you guys for a fantastic opening cruise! You, Claire, and Mindy did an awesome job of molding this cast into a a fantastic performing group. And thanks to Dave Patton and Garris Wimmer for their help getting things ready to go back in Nashville. GREAT TEAM WORK!


Sneads & Kirbys said...

Brandon... haven't posted to your stuff in quite a while, but I'm back working full-time and had a chance over Spring Break to take a peak at your world! Wow! And you're not going to believe this one... Mindy grew up in Friona, Texas (my hometown), and she graduated with my brother. I was just reading over your last few posts and saw her picture... with you... and gasped for air! How cool that your lives have obviously crossed and brought about some great things! She's an amazing woman with phenomenal talent. Please tell her "Hello!" from an old Friona buddy. And your family is, of course, absolutely beautiful. Take care, and I'll keep peaking at your blog every chance I get. ~ Holly (Snead) Kirby