Saturday, March 08, 2008

When the Oceans Rise...

It's been a great few days with Sheryl on. I know many of you are reading this and seeing snow out your window. That is so crazy! We are both enjoying the Caribbean sun (what little time we've had in it).

One of our dancers was injured this week. We found out yesterday that she has to go home for a while. So, we're trying to figure out re-blocking and stuff before we open the Broadway show on Monday night. Please pray for Candice and her speedy recovery.

Sheryl and I had a nice few hours in Cozumel yesterday. We got the kids some surprises and had a nice relaxing afternoon before returning to rehearsals. The cast did a tech run of "On the Radio" last night and did a GREAT job. They are right where they should be. That show opens one week from last night.

Last night we also had the roughest night at sea I've ever experienced...18 foot waves. It was a hard night for all the passengers. Today is much better though.

Sheryl leaves tomorrow and I'm not ready for her to go. It's been so awesome having her out here!

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Maude said...

Wow. I experienced 12 foot waves on a cruise once and thought that was horrible. I can't imagine waves 1/2 again as high. Hope you brought your dramamine!