Sunday, March 30, 2008


We flew back from Tulsa tonight. It was a great weekend...although I really missed Sheryl. Darcy Chapman from Orlando, a long-time friend of Sheryl's and mine came in her place. She did a GREAT job! Go, Darcy!! She will also accompany us to Pepperdine in Melissa's place this year. (Darcy and Tim are dear friends--their blog link is over to the right)

We sang at the arena two times on Saturday and then led at Memorial Rd. this morning where Terry Rush delivered one of the best sermons I have ever heard.

As always, we met some amazing people, had an awesome time together and laughed until we hurt. Here are some pics from the weekend--

(Back row L-R) Philip Organ, Zach Wilson, Phillip Duncan, me, Peter Wilson
(Front row L-R) Darcy Chapman, Melissa Kirby, Amy Westerman, Karin Hensley

Sat night at the arena

Darcy Chapman and me. Darcy and her family live in Orlando. We're looking forward to Malibu when Sheryl will be there too--TIM, you SHOULD come to Malibu! We would have a blast!

ZOE guys--Philip, Peter, Zach, Phillip and me. We had sound check at 7am Sunday morning. We were looking rough. Strike that... I was looking rough.

It's great to be home! Thanks to everyone in Tulsa for their hospitality and warmth...especially to Shane Coffman for being a great event manager! Also, thanks to our own manager and friend, ENO!!


Shane Coffman said...

It was GREAT to have the ZOE crew with us this weekend.

Thank you for coming and sharing your hearts with us, even though it was a grueling schedule.

You were a blessing to our gatherings.

Anonymous said...


Sorry I missed you. Keith said you all sounded great. Hopefully we can catch up sometime.


ChristanP said...

It was great meeting you this weekend! Glad to hear how well things went things went for you. I had all of your team in my prayers. (Thanks for the text, it was really encouraging!)