Tuesday, February 26, 2008


It's been quite a week. Birthdays, life, work, etc. We celebrated my mom's birthday last Saturday. First, I took Sheryl, my mom and the kids to watch a rough run-through of the Broadway show. The cast did a great job! Later we went to eat at a new place in Green Hills. It was one of those eating out experiences that makes you never want to take kids out again. But, the food was good!

The cast of the Spirit has been working extra hard. This is crunch week. Trying to remember everything and polish it before we leave. These shows are particularly challenging...LOTS of dancing.

I hope those of you reading are having a great week.


Stephen Bailey said...

Once AGAIN, I offer my skills as both dancer and choreographer. If you need me to come in and shape things up, I'm only a phone call away.

Josh Ross said...

I was about to write the exact same email Stephen wrote. I gots some mad skills.
I'm still waiting for the response from Zoe Ministries concerning a choreography team that I would like to have behind Zoe at all of the conferences.

Craig Fisher said...

I just watched Shades at Sing Song. I could come do a little skit like that.

Sallie said...

love the new blog look! i always knew you wanted to be just like me!