Saturday, February 09, 2008


The event in Atlanta has been great so far. VERY long days, but fast paced and meeting a lot of great people. Yesterday was a long 18 hour day. We had load in and then rehearsal with the singers for the Broadway number. The rest of the day was spent shooting the "hype" video and doing tech run-throughs.

Here was the room at the beginning of drape or stage...

This is the room after drape and stage went up..

The cast got here yesterday and we rehearsed them on stage. Claire is such a great choreographer!

As I went to the costume box to have them run through some of it with coats, I realized there had been a packing sent me into a small panic. Our Belmont intern, Courtney Clydesdale (daughter of Christian producer David Clydesdale--some of you may have used his arrangements) saved my life. I called her and asked what her next 24 hours looked like. She gracefully agreed to drive the remaining costumes from Nashville to Atlanta last night. Can I just say right here and now that Courtney Clydesdale rocks my face off?! THANK YOU, COURTNEY!!!

This was taken today before the show... the cast Paul Vann, Liz Shea, Claire Williams (choreographer), me, Jenny Slate Lee, and Rodney Williams

The cast was a huge hit! They looked and sounded great!

The whole performance was to honor one of their guys getting a big promotion named "Raff". We worked him into the number.

Singularly, or grouped...these folks are definitely a "sensation".

Tonight is the Asian show...

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