Thursday, February 28, 2008

Norwegian Cruise Line's SPIRIT Cast

As we enter our last 2 days of rehearsal before leaving, the cast is running on overdrive. The rehearsal process for these shows always amazes me. Depending on the ship, there can be up to 4 shows (each one learned in one week here). So, today and tomorrow, their brains will be stretched to remember everything they've soaked in for the last few weeks.

Here are some more pictures of the run-through of the "Radio" show yesterday...

Sheryl is coming out to visit me next week. I am so excited that it's going to work out! The next two weeks will be hectic as we get the cast on board, continue rehearsals and reblocking for the actual space and fit costumes, etc...all of this at odd hours because the original cast will still be on board so we have to work around them. Then, Sunday the 9th, my at will begin their contract on board and have their first shows that week. Exciting times!

We'll have our final run-throughs tomorrow. I will try and post some more pics. Thanks to Gary for the photos!

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