Friday, January 04, 2008

Today is Ella's 5th birthday! Happy Birthday, Ella!!!

She came into this world in a big way making her presence known and nothing has really changed since. She has a laugh that is entirely contagious. She loves taking care of everyone around her. She has always had a sense of humor that was beyond her years. She loves to pray and somehow she has this ability to comprehend spiritual matters on a deeper level. I am always amazed at the kinds of things she asks.

This morning the entire family went to Cracker Barrel for pancakes and then we went swimming at the indoor pool at the YMCA.

Ella, I can't believe you're FIVE!! You bring so much joy to my life! I praise God for creating you--you are wonderfully made!


Christy said...

Happy Birthday sweet Ella!!! Hope you had a great one

Sandra said...

What a precious explosion of life in abundance coming from that sweet picture of Ella. And, what beautiful parents you and Sheryl are to raise such confident, caring, Godly children.

Happy Birthday, Ella!

Clarissa said...

Do you remember me visiting you in the hospital? And the Browns down the hall, too. I had just found out the week before ... I was to bear a fourth child -- bittersweet in the wake of my father's death.

Wow. Sheryl was so sweet and of course looked unnecessarily amazing, hair, makeup and all, and Ella was a beautiful Thomas baby. I love that you called me that day. Keep on keeping us updated on your journeys, geographical and spiritual.

I'm taking the semester off just so's you'll know. 53 hours in 16 months with 4 children was insane. May come back, but at a much slower pace. Was just missing too much, and they were missing me horribly as well.

But that does leave some arranging time ... anyone, anyone. Clarissaatcox6dotcom.
:-) thanks for the free plug!

SG said...

Love that picture! Happy B-day Ella!