Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm A Lucky Man

There's a country song out right now that says...

Got supper in the oven,
A good woman's lovin,
And one more day to be my little kids' dad.
Lord knows I'm a lucky man!

Yes, I admit it...I listen to country music. I used to detest it until I was cast in a "Young Country" show at Six Flags Over Texas years ago (not so young anymore...). I began to really enjoy the new country sound. Now I love groups like "Little Big Town" and others.

The lyric above is clearly country. All that's missing is a verse about a train and a John Deer tractor...and maybe a dog But, it describes me right now. I am blessed. Nothing good I have or am comes from me--every good and perfect gift is from the Lord. I am so grateful!

We are working hard on several events here right now. The American Heart Association's Heart Gala is here in a couple of weeks. After that I go to Atlanta to help with an event there. The event happens on the Chinese New Year weekend so we have all kinds of fun stuff planned...thanks to Gary's genius. There will be giant 8ft Chinese lanterns adorning the stage and set around the ballroom. There will be Asian drummers--one on stage and one at the back of the room--answering each other with antiphonal rhythms. Then as the drummer at the back walks in, he leads a large Chinese dragon in (with 10 performers inside) that winds around the room. Should be cool! We are also planning a Broadway style number that morning so I am working on getting that cast and produced.

But before any of that comes ZOE Fresno. I am so thoroughly pumped to see people. Fresno is always one of my favorite ZOE trips. The people at College Church are some of the best you could find anywhere. I really can't wait to see you guys...and of course be reunited with Sandra and Lex, and Peter and Lindsey!

This Friday night Amy Westerman and Karin Hensley are throwing a little shindig for us as kind of a farewell from the worship ministry at OC. We are both really looking forward to seeing people and catching up.

Meanwhile, my life is filled with blessings. My wife loves and supports me. My kids love lavishing me with hugs and kisses. I have friends who would walk the extra mile with and for me. We're blessed by our extended families. AND--God loves me and tells me His mercy renews every morning. What could be better?


Thurman8er said...

It's good to be reminded of life's constant gifts. Thanks, brother. See you in a week.

Jim said...

It is nice to see you have joined the ranks of Country Music Listeners. I too used to not listen to it but have found it to be very entertaining. It is one of few places in the music industry where stories can be told. By the way, you may like Country Music but you are not "country." It is John Deere not Deer. Might offend some "good old boys" out there. Seriously, love your blog and your ministry.

Sandra said...

Amen, sweet brother. Can't wait to be with you, too.

Rick J said...

What could be better? Not much, my friend. Blessings...

Andy Tallman said...

that song is great.. actually has lots of good meaning in it.