Friday, January 18, 2008

Good Friends

Tonight we went over to Karin and Blake Hensley's house for a farewell party with a gathering of friends from Otter Creek. It was so nice. I got so carried away with visiting and catching up with people that I forgot to take pictures!!! Ha! I did manage to snap a few at the end.

Carrie and Justin Mundie, Zane and Jodi Williams and me

Brad and Dawn Crisler and Sheryl and me

Scott and Amy Westerman, Karin and Blake Hensley, Sheryl and me (part of our ZOE family)

It was such a wonderful night. Thank you, Amy and Karin! (and Blake!) Our kids had such a blast too getting to see their friends.

Thank you to everyone for coming and for your sweet gifts. We feel so blessed and overwhelmed. Thank you!


Christy said...

sorry we missed it...I didn't even know we weree invited til a couple days ago (you can blame Jeff). Glad people were able to love on you. I invited you guys for dinner tonight but Sheryl said this week didn't work. You guys figure out a time that will b/c we miss you!!!

Hilary said...

aww, i grew up in youthgroup with zane. somewhere in my closet at my parent's house is probably a cassett recording of his first cd. ;) love what a small world it is.

Clarissa said...

Wish we could've made it, but the forecast between here and there and Joey's early morning basketball game Saturday kept us away. Sometime we'll come up and visit, maybe on a Sunday and go with you to church, do lunch --
Abbie lost one of her top front teeth. Such a first-grade look!! Maddie won't be far behind. Enjoy that baby smile while you can!!

Rick said...

If Carrie's maiden name was Melton, I led worship at OAR when her family was there and her dad, Dr. Johnny, preached there. That was an awesome place during those years!

Give her a shout for me.

Rick Geddie