Monday, January 28, 2008

Fresno and AA

Our trip to Fresno was wonderful! I enjoyed seeing all of you blog readers there. There were folks from all over CA, MT. MI, WA, OR, TX, etc... it was great to see all of you.

If there were a modern day book of the Bible that talked about hospitality, it would be written about the College Church in Fresno. They have spiritual gifts of encouragement and hospitality and put them to great use. It was so amazing to be with you all.

Amy Westerman didn't get to go because she was sick...and I think she infected us at rehearsal last Wed because we began dropping like flies. Karin, Sheryl, me....yuck.

We had a great time though---in spite of illness. The food was as good as ever. Sheryl and I also got to spend time with Peter and Lindsey Wilson and her parents, Bruce and Taylor Morgan. What amazing people they are! They've become some of our favorite people of all time.

We were abruptly interrupted during church with news that our flight had been cancelled. (technical difficulties) We were all rushed to the airport in hopes of getting it worked out. (Many of us have kids and jobs we had to get back to!) We then entered what I would call travel hell. For the next 13 hours we would be bouncing hither and yon all in an effort to get home. Fresno, LA, St. Louis, Dallas, Nashville....who can keep up? We were separated by necessity which left Jason, Sheryl and I traveling in one group and everyone else in another. It was madness. After yesterday I wouldn't rank AA high in customer service. Although, they did somehow manage to get my bag to Nashville...that was miraculous.

Jason, Sheryl and I left the airport about 1:30am this morning. The rest of the group was stuck in LA. Their flight was delayed and they missed the connection where we would have joined together. They are supposed to get in about 6pm tonight. Crazy.

But, in spite of travel woes, it couldn't spoil the beauty of our weekend. Thanks again to all who gave so much of themselves to welcome us to Fresno. You are an amazing group of people!

And...we could NOT have even considered going this weekend if it were not for the help of our wonderful friends and family in Nashville who took care of the kids. Thank you Kevin and Kiki!! Thanks, Sarah, Lauren and Elizabeth! We love you.

In other news... the Summit cast arrived yesterday and had orientation today. Most of them are veterans. This should be a fantastic group!

Have a great week, friends!


Rick J said...

It was as special as always to sing with you guys leading and just be part of the weekend. Sorry I never got over for an official "Hi" or hug or whatever, but I guess we just got caught up talking with so many others. Thanks for your part in the blessing that ZOE has become over the years.

Thurman8er said...

Lisa told me that you guys were all stuck and there wasn't much chance of you getting home quickly. I'm sorry for the travel woes and the spreading germs...but so grateful for the time you were all here.

I've decided that if I ever audition for ZOE, I'll use that song because I think I'm pretty good at it: "You are my best friend FOREVER!" Kinda sticks with ya.

Brandon Scott said...

only if, like Paula A., I can come out in front of you and sign the song.

Sarah said...

By your blog title, I thought you were going to tell about your encounter with some 12-step program, which I would need after such a travel schedule!!

Glad you made it back, sorry you're now sick.

Sandra said...

I'm glad to hear you didn't let the "airline nightmares" sway you from remembering all the God moments. I know so many were blessed...and hope you were, also. You know...girl that was singing with you looked alot like someone from our congregation ;)

Love you, friend.

Jonathan said...

It was great to see you and chat for a you bro!

Russ said...

What amazes me about American Airlines is that they have somehow psychologically reprogrammed their entire staff to avoid ever saying, "I'm sorry." That phrase does not exist in their vocabulary. I avoid AA like the plague. I am sorry AA, but it's true.

Josh Graves said...

You failed to mention that some people didn't get the AA royal treatment :)

Some of us had to use our super negotiation skills to get re-routed.

Hope you are well.

Stephen Bailey said...

Brought the bug back to Texas with me. I've been down for the last two days. It was worth it though! Amen to your comments about the College Church and hospitality. What a wonderful group of people.

Julie said...

Hey! Ease up on poor AA - I'm sure they are doing the best they can! hehe
I'll get Scott right on that... :) You know, next time you get stuck, you really ought to give him a call!