Monday, January 07, 2008

A New Chapter

Today I began my new job at the Gary Musick Company. It's the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. Gary sent a really nice email out to the company yesterday. Here's a section of it which explains some of my job...

I am pleased to announce that Brandon Thomas will be joining our staff as an
Associate Producer. Most of you know Brandon from his vocal direction work with
our cruise ship casts over the past year. He will initially be assisting us with
the NCL side of cruise ship casting and contracting, and will continue to work
with the some of the casts as vocal director. He will also be assisting the
producers with overlapping projects and will ultimately be developing his own
clients, particularly in the entertainment, cruise, and special events areas of
our business.
Thank you to Gary and to all the wonderful people at Gary Musick Productions for making my first day so good!

Today was full. The first event I'll be helping with is the American Heart Association's Heart Gala at the Schermerhorn coming up in February. Meanwhile, casting is still being completed for the Spring and we're getting ready for the Celebrity Summit cast which arrives in a couple of weeks. My first cast will be NCL's "Spirit". They arrive at the beginning of February.

For more information and video downloads from GMC, check out the website... Gary Musick Productions.

It is a huge change. My days will look different. However, the opportunity to be Light in a new way is very exciting. I will continue with ZOE. I am also excited about that because I think there will be some renewal this year.

Thank you for your prayers and for your support as we launch into this new phase!


Gary said...

Thank you for sharing your talent, your creativity, and your heart with us. We're looking forward to all the great new experiences you're about to have as part of our GMC family. Here we go!


Kara Graves said...

Congratulations on a new and exciting journey to discover! We are excited for you all and wish you the best. Hopefully we can see y'all soon!

Anonymous said...

congrats BST! What a change for you and your family, but a great change.

Best of luck!!

JB in Abilene

Elizabeth S said...

Sounds amazing.

Phil said...

Continued blessings on you and the whole family.

SG said...

You were made to do this type of thing! How exciting! Congrats on the new career. I was going to say the new direction in your career, but your direction has not changed. You have always been walking the path God set out to lead you to him. This is just a new set of walking shoes! So happy for you!

Josh Ross said...

You are the freak'n man. My prayers are with you.

Arlene Kasselman said...

This is so great for you!

Amy said...

Congratulations! I am sure you will do very well in your new career and be a blessing to many.

Hilary said...

Congrats Brandon! Excited to hear more about this new path!

Sarah Aileen said...

That's so great, Brandon! I'm sure it will be an amazing adventure. Think you could cast me on a cruise ship one day?!? hahaha